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It’s been just over 17 months since the original iPad was released and up until now, although inductive charging technology has existed for some time already, users of this innovative tablet have had no choice but to recharge its battery using a wire. Thanks to a new line of LaunchPort products, which were developed by a company called iPort, this is no longer the case and an inductive charging solution has finally arrived for the iPad 2.

That’s right, now you can cut the wire and use either of 2 LaunchPort mounted wireless chargers to keep your iPad 2 fully charged at all times. Of course you’ll have to pony up a fair amount of cash to do so, but at least you now have the option to wirelessly charge your tablet.

As mentioned on the official LaunchPort website:

LaunchPort uses the magic of magnets and induction charging (charging through the air), it’s like magic

So, we’re still a ways away from environmentally friendly self-powered slates, but inductive charging will do for now. Although the iPad 2 is not the first tablet to use inductive charging solutions, the HP TouchPad was the first, this is still great news and quite revolutionary nonetheless.

How Much Does it Cost?

In order to take advantage of this inductive charging solution you’ll need to purchase 2 different accessories. One being the iPad 2 PowerShuttle case which costs $149 and the second being either the BaseStation tabletop mount and charger or the WallStation wall mount and charger which cost $199 each. In total you’re looking at no less than $348 plus tax.

How Does LaunchPort for the iPad 2 Work?

Using magnetic, better known as inductive charging technology, the LaunchPort accessories wirelessly transmit energy between electric transformers and coils. This delivers 2 amps of ‘over the air‘ energy to your iPad 2 device which results in charging your slate without the use of wires. The magnetic sleeve like PowerShuttle case acts as the main transmitter.

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As mentioned above you can invest in either the LaunchPort BaseStation or WallStation, or even both if you’d like. Here’s how they differ.

LaunchPort iPad 2 BaseStationBaseStation

Made from brushed aluminum, this accessory functions as a charging node for the PowerShuttle case. It’s a tabletop version, so you can still use your iPad while it’s charging.

LaunchPort iPad 2 WallStationWallStation

The WallStation works exactly the same way as the BaseStation, only it goes on your wall and your iPad magnetically attaches to it and can then be inductively (wirelessly) charged.

LaunchPort Commercial Demo Video

Where Can I Purchase LaunchPort Products for My iPad 2?

Visit the LaunchPort website for full details including ordering and purchasing information.

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