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It’s Friday so that means it’s time for our weekly featured Android app! This week’s Android app of the week is Idle Zoo Tycoon which is still under development. There may still be a few bugs to work out before the game is officially launched.

The Idle Zoo Tycoon mobile game in the Play Store does currently say unreleased but it is still available for download. So what is this game all about you ask? Well before I get too far into detail I will quickly answer the question most of you are likely asking which is: “…but does the game have unicorns and werewolf’s?”. The answer quite simply is YES of course the game has unicorns and werewolf’s otherwise what kind of zoo would that be?!

Idle Zoo Tycoon mobile game

Okay great, now that we got that big question out of the way! Well, Idle Zoo Tycoon is much like the classic PC game that has you running your very own zoo. You must raise animals and upgrade them for an increase in their birth rate and value so you may sell them if you wish for profits. These profits can be used to upgrade and build your zoo. Even small upgrades like bathrooms or food vendors will help increase the amount of visitors to your zoo.

With this being an idle game your zoo will continue to create profits and grow even while you’re not playing. The more profits you make the more you can do such as build an aquarium or safari for example. The money you make can also be used to unlock other animals which you can use to start trading more animals in bulk. When trading in bulk you get gems and the gems can be used to open up permanent upgrades. The upgrades you unlock with the gems will give you a large boost and continue to expand your zoo.

With this being an idle game, or clicker game as some may call it, you have the pleasure of just relaxing and letting the game take the wheel or you can engage more and make profits even faster. There are ads within the game but you can watch them at your own discretion to help your game along. There are also optional in app purchases that can be made to give you a bigger boost. One awesome thing is that this Android game does not require any internet connection at all so you can play anywhere at anytime!

Download Idle Zoo Tycoon on Google Play

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