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I’m excited to bring your the latest Android App of the Week, I Am Innocent, but I warn you ahead of time this one is not for the faint of heart!

I Am Innocent captivates and enthralls you in this other world of mystery and secrets. It’s up to you to solve these murders and mysteries. One thing I love about this game is that with so many fun puzzles it really makes you feel as if you are a true detective. Your mission is to solve these stories to try and figure out what happened to your sister. Based on your actions in the game you will end up with a different ending every time.

I Am Innocent mobile game screenshots

The game feels so realistic with phone calls, computer hacking, and messages from suspects. all the characters are wll thought out and have complicated personalities which make the game that much more real. I Am Innocent will not only play with your emotions but will also at times make you question whats right and whats wrong.

Below are some of the game’s main highlights:

  • Investigate a complicated serial killer case.
  • Realistic phone calls, photos, documents, and computer hacking.
  • Communicate easily without needing to deal with huge paragraphs of text.
  • Your answers affect your relationships with the characters.
  • Multiple ending options, depending on your choices and your relationships.
  • Many days of gameplay.

The game is free but like most free game has some affordable tools that you can pay for to help the game move along a bit faster.

This game comes to us from Glaznev Rec. I Am Innocent is labeled as an adventure game and rated for teens but is a fun game for adults too. It was first released on January 3rd 2017 but recently updated July 17 2017.

Just click the button to find this game in the Google Play store. It’s also available on the App Store for iPhone and iPad owners.

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