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DxO Labs recently reported giving the HTC U11 a benchmark mobile score of 90 for camera quality. That’s right, the HTC U11 continues to make headlines and impress.

As far as DxOMark benchmark scores go, this places the HTC U11 in first position for camera quality, outranking the Google Pixel which had a score of 89, and the Samsung Galaxy S8 which scored 88. Other devices that tied in third place with a score of 88 include the HTC 10, Galaxy S7 and Sony Xperia X Performance. What’s even more impressive about the HTC U11 camera is the fact that this is the highest score ever given in DxoMark history for a mobile device.

DxO Labs stated the following in their HTC U11 camera review:

Not only is the HTC U11 the highest-scoring phone we’ve ever tested, it’s the highest-scoring in both still image quality and video quality.

Below is a side by side noise level comparison of the HTC U11’s camera in low light conditions next to the Pixel and S8. As you can see, the camera does a fantastic job with retaining texture and image quality even when lighting is dim. Much of the reason for this is the camera’s dual-pixal PDF and slightly larger 1 / 2.55-inch sensor.

HTC U11 camera side by side comparison

Furthermore, DxO’s David Cardinal continues by saying:

The HTC U11’s very low noise and excellent detail preservation also allow for sharing and printing larger-sized images than with most other phones.

Another notable feature of the HTC U11’s camera that sets it apart from all other devices is that even in bright light it sports very fast and highly accurate autofocus capabilities. In fact, the results of the camera’s autofocus ability was the highest ranking out of all tested features with an overall score of 95. Very impressive to say the least!

HTC has done an amazing job with improving both the sharp picture quality and smoothness of video capturing with their latest mobile phone. If accuracy and preservation of detail is important to you when it comes to a smartphone’s camera quality, you might want to consider the HTC U11 as your next device.

The HTC U11 is now available for pre-order in the US on Amazon.

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