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Get the most out of your HTC Flyer tablet with the following set of tutorials. This Android tablet is very user friendly straight out of the box but like with any new device it can take some time to learn and adapt. I hope the following step-by-step instructions help get you started.

How to Conserve & Optimize Your HTC Flyer Battery

When it comes to any type of device or gadget people are always seeking methods for extending battery life. The longer your battery lasts the better. Here’s a few simple ways you can conserve energy on your HTC Flyer.

How to Check What Apps on Your HTC Flyer Are Consuming the Most Power

Step 1: Go to: Menu -> About tablet -> Battery -> Battery use

From this section you can turn off apps that are consuming the most out of your battery.

How to Enable Power Saving on Your HTC FLyer

Step 1: Go to: Menu -> Settings -> Power
Step 2: Tap the check box for “Enable power saver
Step 3: Determine how power saver mode functions by tapping “Turn power saver on at

HTC Flyer POP3 & IMAP eMail Setup Tutorial

Although the HTC Flyer Android tablet has a Gmail client pre-installed you may want to setup your email using another client. This option is available and you can be up and running within minutes by following these few simple how-to instructions.

Step 1: Tap the following icons: Home -> GrideMail
Step 2: Type your email address and password then tap “Next
Step 3: Choose either POP3, IMAP or Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync
Step 4: Enter your incoming server settings (typically something like
Step 5: Customize your options including port, security type and delete email from server
Step 6: Tap Done -> Next
Step 7: Enter your SMTP (simple mail transfer protocol) settings
Step 5: Select your port, security type, whether or not you require sign-in, username & password
Step 5: Tap Done -> Next
Step 5: You are now set to send & receive emails on your HTC Flyer

Once your new account is setup you can further customize the following details/options:

Note: Access these options by tapping Menu -> Account Settings

  • Custom Account Name
  • Your name that will appear when emails are sent
  • Frequency of how often the client will check for new emails
  • Option to define your default account
  • eMail notifications
  • Ringtone customization
  • Vibrate on or off
  • Incoming POP3 or IMAP and Outgoing SMTP server settings

How to Hard Reset Your HTC Flyer

Similar to formatting your home computer there is the option to “hard reset” your HTC Flyer back to it’s original factory settings. For whatever reason you may find this to be a desirable thing to do but please note that all of your custom data will be lost if you proceed.

Step 1: Go to: Menu -> Settings -> Privacy
Step 2: From here you’ll want to tap on “Factory data reset” then “reset phone
Step 3: Now select “self-destruct” (ok just kidding, seriously ignore step 3)
Step 4: Confirm by tapping “Erase everything

Note: You might be prompted to enter your password.

Download YouTube Videos to Your HTC Flyer SD Card

IMPORTANT: Be sure to use your Android Web Browser for this instead of the YouTube application.

Step 1: Visit the YouTube URL which contains the video you want to download
Step 2: Type “pwn” directly after “www.

Note: the result of Step 2 should look similar to this (of course the question marks represent the actual video code) “”

Step 3: Tap Enter -> Download High Quality MP4 Video

There you have it, just like that you can now watch your downloaded YouTube video in MP4 format with or without an Internet connection.

How to Change Your HTC Flyer Wallpaper

Customizing your wallpaper is quick and painless.

From Home Screen

Step 1: Tap and hold your home screen where there are no apps or widgets located
Step 2: You will be prompted with a pop-up that reads “Add to Home screen
Step 3: Tap “Wallpapers
Step 4: Choose 1 of the following 3 options from the “Select wallpaper from” window.

  • Live wallpapers
  • Media gallery
  • Wallpaper gallery

Live wallpapers

Step 1: Scroll to and tap the wallpaper of your choice
Step 2: Tap “Set wallpaper

Media gallery

Step 1: Open the folder that contains the wallpaper you’d like
Step 2: Tap the wallpaper image of your choice
Step 3: A cropping square will appear, crop if need be and tap “save” when done

Wallpaper gallery

Step 1: Scroll to and tap your desired wallpaper
Step 2: Tap “Set wallpaper

From Settings Menu

Step 1: From the home screen tap on the applications launcher
Step 2: Tap Settings -> Personalize -> Home wallpaper
Step 3: Repeat “From Home Screen” instructions beginning with step 2

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