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Who doesn’t love a free chance at winning thousands of dollars? With the HQ live trivia game you can do just that and this popular iOS app is coming soon to Android just in time for the holiday season according to an official tweet by the developers.

Rus Yusupov and Colin Kroll, both who are Vine co-founders, created the popular HQ live trivia app. It has since achieved phenomenal success for iOS since launching on the App Store back in August. The game has gone viral and has had upwards of 400,000 people logging in at once during their daily weekday trivia shows which take place at 3 PM and 9 PM EDT.

HQ Trivia mobile app

Basically how the live trivia game works is you need to answer a series of multiple choice questions correctly in real-time. Since you only have 10 seconds to answer any given question there is no window of time to do a Google search for the answer and cheat. If you get an answer wrong you are eliminated from the game. If all players get eliminated then the prize money rolls over into the next game. HQ has given away thousands of dollars to players with game prize pots reaching up to $8,000 in some cases. Cash prizes, which are cashed out via PayPal, are split if there are multiple winners.

In a way HQ Trivia is kind of like Jeopardy. Even if you don’t win the cash prize it’s always good to put your knowledge to the test in a thrilling and intense way.

This is very exciting news that Android smartphone owners will soon be able to get in on the action. According to the recent tweet a “stocking stuffer” is on its way in time for Christmas. When the app does arrive on the Google Play Store be sure to refer as many friends as you possibly can as each referral helps you to obtain more lives.

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