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Last year HP added Google Assistant and Microsoft Cortana skills to their voice activated printers. At long last, Amazon Alexa has now joined the hands-free HP printing party.

Using your Fire HD 8, Fire HD 10 or any other Alexa enabled device, you can print from the comfort of your living room sofa or bedroom simply by using voice commands. With this newly added feature your smart home technology just got a little smarter!

HP’s general manager and global head of home printing, Anneliese Olson, mentioned the following in a recent statement earlier this week:

We’ve developed printer skills to target the hands-free, busy parent on the go, our tests with customers show that they want to print whenever, wherever.

Olson also foresee’s that future HP printers will come equipped with their own built-in voice command technology. If and when this becomes the case, HP printers will likely still be compatible with other voice assistants but the need for third party devices and services to perform voice activated printing tasks would no longer be necessary. Intuitive virtual assistants are constantly evolving and HP is at the forefront when it comes to paving the way for hands-free printing technology in both the home and office.

Using your tablet PC, smart home speaker, or smartphone you can use your voice to command your HP printer to print things such as grocery lists, to-do lists, Crayola coloring pages, games, forms and more! Here is a list of some Alexa voice-activated printing command examples.

Connecting your Alexa enabled tablet or smartphone to your hands-free HP printer is quick and easy. You can click here for simple step-by-step instructions on how to do so.

This is exciting news for Alexa device owners. Printing has never been easier! Could the Samsung Bixby and Siri virtual assistants be next on the list?

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