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If you use Gmail often enough, like I do, and own the HP TouchPad then chances are you’ll probably want to set up and sync your email on your tablet device. In case you’re not sure how to go about doing this I have provided a simple walk through for you to follow to get your Gmail account up and running on your TouchPad tablet in not time.

How to Guide to Set Up Gmail On the HP TouchPad

Step 01

For starters, you’ll need to begin by tapping the launcher app. This is the icon with the “up arrow” located on the lower right section of your screen.

Step 02

Once you have the launcher app running your next step will be to tap on the “Accounts” icon.

Step 03

Tap the “Add an Account” bar. You’ll notice by default HP has a wide variety of Synergy Services available, one of which includes “Google“.

Step 04

Tap on the “Google” bar.

Step 05

Sign in to your Gmail account by typing your email address and password.

Step 06

Enter the desired account name you wish to use and select on or off for what apps and features you’d like to sync your Gmail account with.

Step 07

Launch your email app and your newly added Google Gmail account should now appear in it’s own section of the inbox. That’s it, you’re all done! It really is that easy.


HP has really done a wonderful job with the development of their newest webOS tablet operating system. The more you use it the more you realize just how user friendly it is. Of course, as expected, with any new tablet operating system there are a few bugs and glitches, but HP has gone to great lengths to stay on top of any issues, most recently with there webOS 3.0.2 update at the beginning of August.

There 38MB webOS 3.0.2 update came bundled with a bunch of goodies including improvements with email, photos & videos, calendar, music, web browser, text assist as well as improved system security which is always a good thing. Definitely a great way to kick start the new month.

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