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Android tablets are diverse mobile devices that are capable of performing many office related tasks, including scanning documents. Of course these touch screen devices in a lot of ways are only as good as the apps that are developed and available for them.

I’ve compiled a list of 5 of the best apps for scanning documents with your Android tablet. The following apps have been carefully selected and they are developed specifically to help you both scan and convert documents into various different formats, mainly PDF which is one of the more common formats. They have features that help turn your tablet into a powerful and convenient mobile device for business. Think of your tablet as a toolbox and the apps as the actual tools.

Of course you may also need to scan documents for legal purposes, for school or a number of different things. It goes without saying really but these apps are helpful in those areas as well.

5 Android Apps For Scanning Documents With Your Tablet

Now that the introduction is out of the way, let’s get down to business. I hope you find the following apps to be useful and what you’re looking for. If you have any other suggestions for apps to scan documents please share them in the comments section below.

Scan to PDF

With Scan to PDF from Nym Computing you can easily turn your Android tablet into a portable scanning device. Scan or import documents and quickly convert them to PDF files within a matter of seconds.

You can store saved documents on you SD card, share them whenever you’d like and also upload them directly to your Google Docs account. It’s a simple yet effective app that gets the job done.

Download Scan to PDF for Android.

ScanDoc Document Reader Lite

Automatically scan, capture and recognize documents. It has a built-in text OCR reader (optical character recognition) and you can translate documents from a number of different languages such as French, Russian, Portuguese, Korean and Chinese just to name a few.

Just a heads up, OCR technology has in fact come a long way and although it’s quite advanced it’s still not 100% accurate, similar to most translation software available.

Download ScanDoc Document Reader Lite for Android.


The OfficeDrop app for Android tablets and smartphones is the ultimate document scanning app which enables you to scan documents or images and convert them to searchable PDF files.

You can store scanned documents locally or directly to one of your cloud storage services, whatever is the most convenient for you. It’s also designed to help you easily manage, share, label and organize documents.

Download OfficeDrop for Android.

Google Drive

Google DriveUsing the camera on your Android tablet alongside the powerful Google Drive app you can snap photos of text documents and within a matter of seconds have them converted and stored directly to your Google Docs account.

Sharing documents with contacts is a breeze. You can manage, organize and make any changes necessary to your scanned documents, PDF files or spreadsheets. Capturing, organizing and locating documents doesn’t get much easier.

Download Google Drive for Android.

MobiReader BizCard & Docu OCR

Storing new business contacts is just a snap, or should I say tap away with the MobiReader app for Android devices. Scan any business card, document or image and convert them to PDF format.

One feature of this app that really stands out is it’s ability to recognize and pinpoint the location of an address scanned from a business card using advanced augmented reality. There’s a lot more features, click the link below to find out more.

Download MobiReader BizCard & Docu OCR for Android.

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