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Are you looking for the best printing app for your Android tablet? Well you can breathe a sigh of relief and search no more because Print by EuroSmartz is here! You may recall back in 2008 when the same group of developers became the world’s first company to release a print app for the iPhone. They have remained the #1 print app development company for the iPhone, iPad and now for Android smartphones and tablets.

There’s good reason why they are market leaders when it comes to developing the best printing apps for mobile devices. They deliver the best solutions when it comes to printing and their apps are so incredibly easy to use. A new version of their Print app, which has proven to be a huge success for the iOS device market, has now been specifically developed for Android powered devices. This is great news for the Android community.

Whether you need to print web pages, your contact list, color photos or any other item from your Android tablet, the Print app makes doing so easier than ever. This newly released app without a doubt can be added to your list of must have Android apps. It’s a great app for students, business owners or anyone for that matter. You can even print while in your pajamas! Ok, that’s not exactly an exclusive feature, not to oversell it or anything, but it really is a great app.

EuroSmartz CEO, Ian Schenkel states:

With our vast experience in producing chart topping printing apps for iPhone & iPad, we were able to create Print for Android.

Another great feature of this Android app is the ability to automatically detect nearby printers on Wi-Fi networks. If Wi-Fi is not available you can also print using 3G/EDGE to remote servers. So for example you could be in China on a business trip or vacation and still print something on your home office in Canada.

A Better Way to Print From Your Android Tablet

Watch the Print app demo video below and see for yourself just how much easier it is to print from your Android tablet device. Just a few quick taps on your screen and you’re good to go.

Download Print by EuroSmartz from the Android Market.

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