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I remember well over a decade ago, closer to 15 years by now, reading an article in WIRED magazine, yes the actual magazine back when the Internet was still fairly new, about a technology called RALPH. Basically the article described how vehicles of the future would commonly use what’s known as Rapidly Adapting Lateral Position Handler technology. In short, they are vehicles that essentially drive themselves and back then it was expected they would be everywhere within 10 years.

Well, at least 15 years have past & such technology, although it exists, has not hit the mainstream market or come to fruition. There could be many reasons for this (politics, pricing, etc.) and I don’t understand exactly why RALPH never caught on. Back when this technology was revealed I was 18 years old and couldn’t wait to see these futuristic like vehicles on the road. Even now that I’m older the concept still remains quite clever and innovative especially when you think of how many potential lives could and would be saved.

This brings me to today’s topic regarding modern assisted parking solutions. Thanks to a company called Valeo now you can park your vehicle right from your portable touch screen slate. They have developed an app called Park4U for both iOS and Android operating systems. Of course it’s more complicated than just installing the app and off you go, only a limited amount of vehicles are compatible with Park4U at this time.

Valeo plans to equip at least another 38 models with this technology before 2012. Right now only a select few Volkswagen models have it installed such as the Audi A6, Audi A7 and Touran to name a few. The Park4U app and compatible vehicles may not solve or prevent human error but you have to admit such technology is quite convenient and has a lot of useful purposes.

Have you ever found yourself infuriated when you leave your vehicle unattended only to come back and find someone has parked so close that you barely have enough room to get back in? Not only does Park4U make parking your vehicle easier than ever, it can also prove to be useful in situations where you are blocked in and can’t get out of a particular parking space. It sure beats having an unnecessary feud with individuals who lack common courtesy. Watch the video below to get a peek at the Park4U app in action.

Park4U Demo Video

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