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Most people who have ever been robbed or had their home or business broken into quickly become fervent admirers of preventative techniques that can help avoid such occurrences from ever happening again. Let’s face it, nobody enjoys having their private property stolen or damaged, but luckily their are affordable ways to increase home security with devices such as the iPad.

As I mentioned in part 1 of this series on using your Android tablet as a home security device you just never know when a burglary will take place. Even if you can’t prevent something like this from happening, the good news is there are now more advanced and modern methods of catching people in the act.

Breaking and entering cases have also been known to escalate to much worse crimes such as rape, kidnapping, assault and even murder. It’s not an enjoyable topic of discussion, but the harsh reality is these types of criminal acts take place more than some of us might realize. Even if you live in a so called safe neighborhood you still cannot guarantee such crimes won’t take place in your area, thus the reason it’s important to take precautionary measures either way.

I’d like to share a few facts and statistics regarding home burglary and related crimes but unfortunately the Internet is flooded with statistics that are either completely false, outdated and misleading which makes it a very difficult topic to research, trust me I’ve tried. A lot of statistics are inaccurate and contradicting so I’ve decided not to even bother since I’m not in the business of sharing false information with our readers. The fact of the matter is, these types of crimes do take place and the more prepared you are the better.

With that being said, now I’d like to discuss ways in which the iPad and iPad 2 can help assist you with taking extra measures for home security. So, here we go!

How to Increase Home Security With Your iPad

Logitech Alert for iPad

Logitech Alert iPad appLogitech makes monitoring live IP home surveillance cams from your iPad or iPad 2 easier than ever with their Logitech Alert app. Remotely watch live wireless HD video feeds directly from your tablet. The app itself is free to download and install and a subscription to the Logitech Alert Web and Mobile Commander service for $79.99 as well as a free YouTube account is required.

You’ll almost feel guilty paying so little for such a service especially considering what alternative home security solutions cost. Either way you simply can’t put a price on peace of mind and knowing your home is being monitored 24/7, plus Logitech’s support staff is second to none. Whenever Logitech provides hardware or software solutions you know they will always be top notch, one of the main reason they are highly respected and have such a good reputation. Logitech is known and respected worldwide as being industry leaders in many different areas.

Logitech Alert live HD home video security feed screenshot

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Logitech Alert 750i Indoor Master HD security cameraOf course, in order to take advantage of this app and service you’ll need a good HD camera, one that is capable of pan and tilt, zoom and PC-free recording. The Logitech Alert 750i Indoor Master security camera has all of those features.

The 720p HD video quality of this home security camera is incredible. It has a 130 degree viewing angle and also has the ability to record sound as well as detect motion. The 750i camera is very easy to install and it’s also quite small and unobtrusive so depending where you have it located chances are people won’t even know it’s there.

There is one downfall to using this camera in the sense that an electrical outlet is a must in order to use it. Some people who commit acts of burglary and related crimes have been known on countless occasions to cut off or disconnect main power at a residence before breaking and entering. Mind you, you could have a hidden backup generator somewhere which could help.

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Logitech Alert 750e Outdoor Master Security System with Night VisionIf it’s an outdoor home surveillance camera you’re looking for then Logitech has you covered in that department as well with their Alert 750e outdoor security camera which also comes equipped with night vision capabilities. It has built-in infrared illumination which allows you to see and record security footage even in complete darkness. This feature is automatically triggered when there is low light.

Another great feature of this camera is the ability to define up to 16 custom motion detection zones. This helps prevent any unwanted false alarms which are nothing but a waste of time and resources.

It’s built rugged, weatherproof and designed specifically for outdoor use. Keep an eye on your garage, driveway and backyard with this HD security camera.

Click the button below to order your very own 750e Outdoor Master System camera.

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Mobiscope: Home Security & Video Surveillance

Mobiscope iPad home security appHere’s yet another great iPad home security app which enables you to wirelessly monitor your IP home security cameras live straight from your iPad tablet.

You can remotely control up to four cameras at a time but of course you can have an unlimited amount of cameras connected. Even if you’re on vacation you can control pan, tilt and zoom on your home security camera from wherever you’re located so long as you have Internet access on your mobile tablet device.

You can customize the settings of this app so that private security footage is only recorded when there is motion detected. This way you don’t have to sift and sort through hours of video just to find recordings of an incident. If motion is detected an alert will be sent to your email or tablet device instantly and recording will automatically commence. Snapshots can also be sent directly to an email account of your choice.

With Mobiscape you can also schedule recordings as you desire, even from a distance with your slate. This app is also compatible and works alongside the majority of private network and IP cameras. There’s too many to list but you can see all supported cameras and specific models on the Mobiscope website.

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