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When it comes to modern techniques for home automation, video surveillance and home security tablet computers open the door (or should I say help close it on unwanted intruders) to several new and affordable solutions. Protecting your home and personal assets is important and every little bit of added security helps whether you are physically at home, gone away for a day or two or far away somewhere on vacation. Today I’d like to share with you some research I’ve done on how touch screen tablets can help put your mind at ease by providing an extra level of home security.

We have all been a victim of theft, robbery, invasion of privacy, breaking and entering or if not at least know someone who has. You just never know when disaster will strike or a home burglary will occur, but one thing you can control is the amount of precautions you take before such an event takes place in order to increase the chance for prevention. So let’s get started with a few home security options that are available for those who own Android tablets such as the Samsung Galaxy Tab or Asus Eee Pad Transformer.

How to Increase Home Security With Android Tablets

WIIA 2.1 Home Security Camera

This newly released Android tablet home security app really does take security a step further with a motion detection feature. Setting up and having a high-tech home video surveillance system and being able to view live streaming private webcam footage from a distance is one thing, but of course nobody can possibly stare at such footage 24/7. Even paid security guards get distracted from time to time. That’s where this app comes in handy!

With WIIA 2.1 Home Security Camera not only can you monitor live hidden camera footage, you can also set the app to “Alarm” mode which enables motion detection and will instantly notify you of any suspicious movement that is out of the ordinary. You can also adjust the “Alarm” sensitivity level for added convenience.

If “Alarm” mode is active and motion is detected the Android app will automatically begin taking snapshots and send burglary alert photos to an email address of your choice. This is a great feature and also provides you with evidence in case you need to show police proof of such an event. Maybe it’s just your neighbors cat who managed to sneak into your home, or maybe it’s something more dangerous such as an uninvited predator, stalker, thief or who knows what, either way why risk taking the chance of not knowing?

Cloud Spy Cam

Set up and easily monitor live spy video webcam feeds with this Android tablet security app. As long as your tablet has an Internet connection you can view your feeds no matter where you are located. Set up a camera in your bedroom, garage, backyard or wherever you desire. You don’t have to worry if your battery dies on your tablet either, the app can be configured so that recorded video footage is sent to a backup location such as a cloud based storage service, SD card or even email if you wish, in other words you have lots of options.

This app is also programmed to instantly begin recording and storing videos if any motion is detected. You can program the app to take timed snapshots as well. This app really does make for a great wireless home security solution.

It really is amazing how much you can beef up home security these days for a fraction of the cost compared to what similar services cost before the days of smartphones and now of course tablet computers.

Download Cloud Spy Cam for your Android tablet.

Best Wireless IP Webcams For Home Security

Cisco Wireless Home Security CamCisco Wireless-G Internet Security Cam
Key Features
Record, transmit and access real-time high quality video with this top notch IP security cam. It’s loaded with features and designed specifically to bring you the best in hidden home or business security. Visit the link to see a full list of specs.

Price: $237.30 on Amazon

Foscam Wireless IP camera with night vision and pan and tiltFoscam IP Cam
Wireless cam with pan & tilt, night vision, black and white or color and 2 way audio!
$74.99 on Amazon

Cisco Spy Cam
Wireless IP cam with built-in web server and live high quality video recording.
$79.99 on Amazon


That wraps up part one of our tablet PC home security series. I hope it helped you and that you found it informative. Stay tuned for part 2 where I’ll be discussing how you can turn your iPad 2 into an affordable home security device. In the meantime if you know of any other great Android home surveillance apps, spy cams or wireless webcams as well as any additional tips or advice on this topic please share your thoughts with us and the Let’s Talk Tablets community below!

UPDATE: Part 2 – How to Increase Home Security With Your iPad

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