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Introducing Book Creator for iPad, a highly useful app for creating your very own professional iBooks. Developed by Red Jumper Studio, this newly released iPad app really is the perfect solution for iBook creation and it’s also extremely simple to use. Whether you’re a parent, teacher, student or designer this app has many great features and advantages.

Perhaps you’d like to create your own custom cookbook, colorful children’s book, manual, textbook, photo book or art book. If so, this app is a must have! Once you’re done creating your iBook you can even publish it online on the Apple iBookstore in a snap, or should I say with a few simple taps!

Create your own books on the iPad

Book Creator for iPad Key Features

Customizable Photos

Easily add your own custom photos from the iPad Photos app or from any online location. Once an image is inserted you can drag & position it, scale it and resize it however you’d like.

Custom Fonts

You can select from any of 50+ fonts that already come bundled with the iPad to give your ibook the look and feel you desire. Of course you are not limited to using only one font for your iBook and can mix it up to give certain elements such as titles and subtitles for example their own style.

Custom Layouts

With snap positioning, guidelines and support for iBooks’ fixed layout format, creating your own custom layout is a breeze. You can even have double page images if you want.

ePub Standards

If your goal is to have your iBook published on the Apple iBookstore you can have the satisfaction in knowing that with this app it will meet all requirements and international ePub standards.

Getting Started Tutorial

If you need help with getting started for creating your first iBook

Book Creator for iPad Demo Video

What Others Have to Say

It’s easy to learn and intuitive to use. This app rates an A+. ~Dallion, Independent Children’s book creator

My students loved this app. They felt it was so easy to use, that they could open it for the first time and know intuitively what to do. ~Rosey McQuillan, Pre-K-12 Assistive Technology Specialist

Click the button below to purchase this wonderful new iPad app for only $6.99 from the iTunes App Store and start creating your first ever iBook today!

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