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Now you can easily create custom color profiling on your iPad or iPad 2 with SpyderGallery, a newly released iPad app from This is a very useful app for photographers or anyone who requires the highest quality photos. It’s the first iOS compatible app of it’s kind to allow custom photo corrections.

Although tablets can be dazzling they aren’t always necessarily accurate when it comes to color. Now you can manage how colors of your photos are displayed on your iPad for complete accuracy. With SpyderGallery you can calibrate your photos so they look consistent when viewing them on your iPad device. This is especially useful for studios, photographers or any individual(s) for that matter who use the iPad as a portable portfolio device.

Imaging Color Solutions VP, Knut Fenner had the following to say:

For photographers who use the iPad as a portable portfolio tool, SpyderGallery is a critical component to their photo gear

SpyderGallery Color Correction app for iPad

The SpyderGallery app itself is free and works in conjunction with a Spyder3 (or higher) colorimeter. For those of you who don’t already own a copy of Spyder3 click here for more information.

Images located anywhere on your iPad are easily accessible and can be viewed with SpyderGallery. From this app you can manage overall color output and determine exactly how your photos are displayed. There is also a feature which allows you to add custom watermarks to your photos if you desire. Easily make adjustments to your photo(s) so they match what is displayed on other devices such as digital cameras, MAC’s or PC’s.

SpyderGallery photo gallery viewer for iPad

With SpyderGallery you also have the ability to zoom right down to the pixel. This is very convenient and helps to ensure that your photos are fully color corrected in all areas.

It’s nice to know there is finally a solution available so you can use your iPad to show your photos to anyone at anytime with 100% accuracy. It’s useful apps like this one that continue to add to the iPad’s versatility and ability to assist with a multitude of different tasks.

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