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Solar Walk – 3D Solar System model by Vito Technology Inc.

Having grown up watching science fiction, I’ve always wished I could somehow travel through space and time. Although I love the way special effects can transport you from one world to another, I’ve always secretly wanted to take over the controls, to travel to locations of my choosing. Now we can all do that, thanks to the Solar Walk app by Vito Technology Inc.

The Solar Walk app allows you to explore the solar system in stunning 3D. In fact, this Vito Technology creation is the AppStore’s first product to features real 3D TV compatibility. Hence, this feature is only compatible with 3D enabled televisions, and as a result, cyan-red 3D glasses are required.

iPad app for education Solar Walk 3D

With the Solar Walk app, the solar system is yours to explore. Navigate your way through space and time, to survey planets, moons and other points of interest in our heliocentric system. The 3D Solar System app depicts heavenly bodies with mind-blowing detail, including atmospheric disturbances traveling across planetary surfaces. Once more, you’ll learn about various points of interest on each and every planet in the solar system, including its inner structure, trajectory, and history of exploration.

I’ll be the first to admit that looking through a telescope has a charm all on its own. That being said, the Solar Walk app allows you to tour the solar system in a way not possible from Earth. With the 3D Solar System app you’ll rocket across the heavens to beautifully rendered planets accurately depicted in breathtaking detail. The spectacular graphics accurately simulate both the texture and color of the planets. Furthermore the Solar Walk app allows you to both witness and trace the orbital paths of the planets. Lastly, the adjustable clock enables you to travel through time to reveal the position of planets at various points in history, including the future.

The Solar Walk app combines intuitive finger control, smooth animation, and luscious 3D graphics. With the swipe of a finger you can circumnavigate an entire planet, or position yourself to observe celestial bodies from all sides and angles. Use the 3D mode for an even more realistic experience. With the 3D Solar System app, the sky’s NOT the limit. Why not zoom out and take in the entire galaxy. For those suffering from a God complex, you can also use your finger to spin the entire galaxy.

If only the office workers knew the power in your… little… finger. Ah ha ha ha ha ha! *Maniacal laugh*.

In short, the Solar Walk app makes exploring the universe safe, fun, and slightly disturbing. Plus, the Solar Walk app does not require an Internet connection.

The latest version of the Solar Walk app contains virtual 3D models of well-known, man-made satellites, including their real time trajectories. Here’s a list of some of the big hitters:

  • The International Space Station
  • The Hubble Telescope
  • Suzaku
  • Envisat, and more

The 3D Solar System app also includes a breathtaking simulation of flying over the Earth on a satellite. Coolsville Daddy-O.

Other Points of Interest (As per the iTunes Preview page)

3 New Educational Movies, Including:

  • Tidal Phenomena
  • Major Circles of Latitude
  • Zodiacal Constellations

Fly to a Planet

If a planet is viewed in the distance, simply tap on its image and you’ll be instantly transported to it.


An arrow indicates your geosynchronous position above a planet or moon. Moreover, it also identifies major points of interest on numerous celestial bodies, including those on Venus, Mars, the Earth and its moon. When in Earth’s “orbit”, this educational app pinpoints and identifies most of the world’s major cities.


This feature contains facts and figures relating to each planet, including its:

  • Name
  • Mass
  • Radius
  • Distance from the sun
  • Internal structure (Including diagrams and science missions)

Moons of Individual Planets

By selecting a planet, you’ll be able to observe its moons, and their corresponding orbits. “Tap” on a moon to call up its dossier. Here you’ll discover fascinating facts, and figures relating to the individual celestial body.

Lastly, although Pluto is no longer considered a planet, it has once again been included in the solar system model. Hooray! People were upset, so… it’s back. Quick! Get your Solar Walk app before they exclude Pluto again.

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iStudiez Pro by iStudiez Team

As stated on the iTunes Preview page, iStudiez has won numerous awards, including:

  • 2010 Best Young Adults App for iPad
  • 2010 Best Parenting App for iPad
  • 2009 Best App Ever Award Winner in Education category

iStudiez Pro makes today’s hectic lifestyle a wee bit easier to manage. Whether you’re a student, parent, or teacher, iStudiez Pro provides you with tools necessary to manage your dizzying schedule. With iStudiez Pro, you can organize a host of wide-ranging activities, from coordinating your schedule, to tracking your GPA. The unique built-in planner makes it easy to list tasks, enter deadlines, plan homework, and tackle assignments. With iStudiez, you need never miss a course, lecture, or lab again.

iPad app for education iStudiez Pro

The iStudiez team recognizes that today’s schedules can vary greatly. With this in mind, they’ve designed the app to accommodate and manage all types of schedules, including:

  • Classic
  • Alternating (A & B weeks)
  • Rotating
  • Block schedules

Once you use iStudiez Pro, it’s sure to become your primary resource for keeping on top of classes, arranging your scholastic schedule, and organizing homework. Its intuitive navigation makes it easy to do all of the following:

Organize Your Schedule

iStudiez Pro comes complete, with an expansive array of custom designed icons allowing you to differentiate scholastic endeavors from extracurricular activities. “Virtual” labels allow you to color-code courses.

When it comes to scheduling, iStudiez Pro truly shines. It accommodates the inclusion of additional holiday periods. Moreover, you can remove activities, due to scheduling conflicts, or cancelation. iStudiez Pro also accommodates extensive data entry. This critical feature allows you to take note of common course details, including instructor names. You can also include related information, such as phone numbers, email addresses, office hours, and affiliations.

Following up with Your Homework

Designed to keep you on top of your course load, iStudiez Pro allows you to organize your tasks in several ways. Prioritize your homework and/or assignments under any of the following headings:

  • By date
  • By course
  • By priority

You can also sort assignments under the headings “Pending” or “Completed”. In short, iStudiez Pro provides you with a myriad of organizational options.

Summarizing it up for you

Once your schedule is uploaded, classes and tasks are automatically displayed under the heading “Today”. Here, you’ll see a list of the day’s events, including assignments. Also included are specifics, such as locations, instructor names, number of tasks pending, and upcoming deadlines. iStudiez Pro also keeps you abreast of upcoming events, whether social or scholastic. Courses listed under the heading “Today” can be easily modified, including details relating to that day’s agenda. The “Today” icon always shifts forward to stay in sync with the current calendar date.

Tracking your Grade/GPA

This feature allows you to prioritize assignments based on their overall value in the grading formula. Evaluate the value of an assignment, whether it’s weighted or non-weighted. Also included is a GPA calculator. This feature is applicable to both current and past semesters. Lastly, this app supports most worldwide grading scales, including letter grades, percentage, and points.

Keeping you Alert

iStudiez Pro keeps you up-to-date with pending tasks, upcoming events, and classes. It boasts a “Push Notification” feature, allowing you to set individual alarms for classes, assignments and homework. Smartly integrated into the interface of the app, the alarm feature is quick and easy to set up.

Guarding Your Data

With iStudiez Pro, there’s no need to worry about losing your data. With the simple tap of a button, you can back up your data by sending it to your e-mail address.

Overall, iStudiez Pro is a handy app for keeping your scholastic life together. Its versatile features are a boon whether you’re surviving high school, college, or university. Put iStudiez Pro to the test. Get yours today.

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