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We understand that as a parent, you want the best for your kids. We also recognize the importance of education as a catalyst for raising the potential of all young people. We personally see education as a life long endeavor. Learning does not exist solely in the classroom; rather it extends into every aspect of our lives. It affects how we play, how we develop as parents, brothers, sisters, spouses, and members of society.

We believe education starts in the womb. With this educational series our hope is to help indoctrinate students with a lifelong love of learning. We acknowledge that what we learn, and how we learn, changes as we grow. That being said, there are many great educational iPad apps available to help educate children from Kindergarten through grade twelve and beyond. THAT’S a whole lot of learning. While long term growth, knowledge, and wisdom certainly doesn’t happen overnight, our plan is to at least provide you and your child with the necessary tools for their educational journey. To get things started, we’re encouraging parents to consider the following educational apps. We believe these tools will provide you and your children with valuable help throughout their scholastic years. Therefore, without any further adieu, we present 5 Handy Educational Apps for iOS/iPad in part one of our series.

Vocabology by ThatWith.Me, LLC

As the saying goes, it’s not what you say; it’s how you say it. I personally am all about five-dollar words. Words like “cat” and “pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis”. Why not give your kid a leg up by building their vocabulary? Well, now you can with Vocabology; the easy to use iPad app that helps you and your child build your vocabularies.

Vocabology brings together “words of the day” from various sources on the Internet. You’ll learn new words from sites like, Wiktionary, and Merriam-Webster.

Together, you and your child can review the words, and together, practice your pronunciation. After all, the best way to learn a new word is to use it repeatedly. Vocabology encourages this learning behavior. It also allows you to test your newly acquired knowledge. Vocabology features an addictive quiz game that tests you with the words you’ve just gleaned. It’s also multilingual. You can learn words in the following languages:

  • Spanish
  • Portuguese
  • German
  • Italian
  • French

Now, with version 4.6, it’s even easier to share your “words of the day” via email, Facebook, and Twitter.

Download on the App Store


Lets face it; as children our first exposure to math begins with counting. In Kindergarten, we’re taught addition and subtraction. Once these are mastered, we move on to multiplication and division, and so forth. Each lesson builds on the other. Therefore, it’s vital for your child to have a solid grip on the fundamentals of math. Of course, some grasp these concepts more easily, than others. So, if your child is struggling, or just starting out, MathBoard is a fantastic app for learning the basics of mathematics.

MathBoard educational iPad app

MathBoard is an interactive math-learning tool for your iPad. Designed with school children in mind, MathBoard makes learning fun. It’s just as appropriate for children in kindergarten, as it is for children in later elementary school. Once more, MathBoard is designed to grow with your child. As they learn increasingly complex concepts, MathBoard extend its usefulness by providing increasingly difficult arithmetic drills.

In the beginning, your child can use MathBoard to learn simple addition and subtraction. As skills and confidence grow, they can move on to multiplication and division. With these mastered, they can move on to squares, cubes, and square roots.

The MathBoard app is also highly customizable. For example, you can control the range of numbers within which you plan to have your child work. Number ranges are configurable from -10000 to 10000. MathBoard can also be programed to include specific numbers within a given set of problems. Once more, you can control the amount of questions per quiz, as well as the amount of time designated to complete it. Timing can be displayed as either elapsed time, or as a countdown timer.

MathBoard also includes the following features:

  • Random problem generation (up to 250 questions per quiz)
  • Intelligent “wrong” answer generation (making guessing more difficult)
  • The ability to omit negative answer
  • Quizzes can be saved. Instructors can replay a quiz, or choose a similar quiz for a later date.
  • Answers can be reviewed. This feature displays both the correct and incorrect answers, as well as the equation.
  • Generate a quiz from questions answered incorrectly
  • Problem Solver for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division problems.
  • Quick reference math tables for Addition, Subtraction and Multiplication.
Download on the App Store

The Elements: A Visual Exploration by Element Collection, Inc.

What better way to starts your child’s education than with an understanding of the elemental building blocks of the universe? The revolutionary Elements eBook from Touch Press has been developed specifically for the iPad. Built from the ground up, it takes the periodic table to unprecedented levels. No longer a static chart consisting of letters and numbers, the Elements eBook starts out as a “living” periodic table. Every element is depicted as a smoothly rotating three-dimensional object. Of course, each object fittingly represents the nature of the element.

The Elements app for iPad

So, if you want to learn about gold, tap the gold icon in the periodic table. In an instant, you’ll be met with a large, high definition, rotating image representing the element. To the right of the screen you’ll find a column of facts and figures, each of which can be tapped to provide even further detail. There, you’ll also find the embedded Wolfram|Alpha computational knowledge engine. Tap the Wolfram|Alpha button for gold and you’ll get up-to-the-minute market prices, as well as dozens of other facts about the element.

The information does not stop there. You can delve even deeper by clicking your way to an element’s second page. There you’ll find even more facts about the material, including a series of carefully photographed objects representing the element. Every one of these “virtual” objects is freely rotatable, and thus, enables you to examine them from all sides. You can spin the objects one at a time, or simultaneously. Every “virtual” object is completely under your control. Double-tap any object and the image expands to fill the screen. Tap the image again and it splits into a pair of stereo 3D images. With the purchase of a pair of inexpensive 3D glasses you can rotate and view all 500 objects in 3D.

Experience for yourself, the beauty and fascination of the elements. Although you may start out looking at the pretty pictures, once you start reading, you’ll be drawn in by the fascinating facts and fun stories relating to each element. With the Elements eBook, you’ll marvel at the building blocks of our universe in a way you never have before. Get yours today.

Download on the App Store

Although the Elements eBook was specifically developed for the iPad, it does have real world heritage. It’s based on Theodore Gray’s best-selling hard cover edition of The Elements. While this particular version of the eBook is in US English, you can also get fully translated versions in the following languages:

  • French
  • German
  • Japanese
  • British English

World Atlas HD by National Geographic Society

While there are numerous apps to turn your iPad into a GPS device, what happens if you want to know more than simply how to get from point A to B? What if you want to know details about the country in which you now find yourself? In Europe for example, countries are much smaller than those in North America. What if you want to familiarize yourself with the nations bordering a specific country? Where exactly in the world are you, or where exactly is it you’re going? In times like this, you’ll want access to an atlas.

World Atlas HD app for iPad

Few organizations are as well renowned for their maps and atlases as the National Geographic Society. And why not? National Geographic produces some of the best, most beloved collections of maps in the world. Their award-winning atlases combine accuracy, artistic beauty, and rich detail. For World Atlas HD, the National Geographic Society coalesced their high-resolution, press-ready images into one comprehensive, dynamic, and great looking app.

The new and improved World Atlas HD is specifically designed for the iPad. Thanks to recent improvements, you can now browse the world with an interactive 3D globe. Rotate, spin, pan, and swipe your way across the globe. Want to learn more? Continue zooming to reveal unprecedented detail about countries around the world. World Atlas HD also features 3 styles of world maps. Explore the world in Classic (blue-ocean), Executive (antique-inspired), and Satellite image.

Combine World Atlas HD with an Internet connection, and you can dive even deeper. Descend through continent-level maps into detailed Microsoft Bing maps. You may even be able to spot your own home. How cool is that?

World Atlas HD is more than just a collection of pretty maps; it’s also an expertly researched flags and facts database. It contains concise geographic and socioeconomic data. With World Atlas HD, you’ll receive up-to-date facts and figures relating to countries (and territories) around the world, including illustrations of their flags. Simply touch-and-hold your finger to reveal a country’s flag-and-fact page.

World Atlas HD doesn’t stop there. It also allows you to bookmark your favorite places with pushpins and notes. You can center a map to your present location. Lastly, you can find places by name using the built-in index of major world cities. If that’s not enough, you can even search online for approximately 7 million different locations. Get yours now.

Download on the App Store HD – Ad Free Dictionary & Thesaurus for iPad

Got good diction? Is your book-learnin’ a wee bit sketchy?

Good news. is now available on the iPad. Sweet! Awesome! Magnificent! Resplendent! Sublime! Splendiferous! Refulgent, and other words I’ve learned on!

Now you can amaze coworkers and classmates with your sesquipedalianism (Look it up). The app delivers trusted definitions, synonyms and antonyms from both, and It comes fully loaded with nearly 2 million words. Therefore, its dictionary and thesaurus features run entirely independent of the Internet. With an Internet connection, the app can perform a voice-to-text search, and also features audio pronunciation. The app is rounded out with the ever-popular Word of the Day, and Hot Word blog.

Here’s a list of other features offered by the app:

  • Spelling suggestions
  • Phonetic pronunciation
  • Example sentences
  • Non-standard uses
  • Word origin and history
  • Favorite words list
  • Recent search history
  • Custom backgrounds

An Internet connection is required for the following features:

  • Daily content
  • Word trends
  • Voice-to-text search
  • Audio pronunciation
  • Spelling suggestions
  • Real-time popular, trending, and nearby word searches
  • Voice-to-text search (for the most accurate results, please enunciate clearly and speak slowly)
  • Daily content, including Word of the Day and our new Hot Word blog

What are you waiting for? Get yours now.

Download on the App Store

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