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In a recent press release by Invictus Games it was announced that they have joined forces with Vangaurd to develop and bring the hit PC strategy game Greed Corp to the iPad as well as Android based tablets. This already popular game has achieved great commercial success on the Microsoft XBox 360 and Sony Playstation 3 game consoles as well as the PC and soon an HD mobile version of the game will be available to play on iOS and Android tablet PC platforms.

Invictus Games is on quite a role lately. You might recall less than two weeks ago they announced their upcoming iPad and Android tablet game Race of Champions. Now Greed Corp which is destined to be another top performing HD tablet computer game is also in the works. Just a heads up, this game is also currently being developed for the Mac.

Tamas Kozak of Invictus was quoted as saying:

We are more than excited to land and introduce such a successful console and PC game on mobile platforms and hope to earn the highest regards of fans. By allowing them to put their skills to the test across multiple platforms, we let friends and fans play against each other regardless the device they have.

Greed Corp game for iPad and Android tablets

Vanguard CEO, Arthur Houtman stated:

Invictus have done a great job of bringing our PC and console hit Greed Corp to iOS, OS X and Android. Not only have they remained extremely faithful to the original games, they also made optimal use of the tablet based nature of the new host platforms, ensuring Greed Corp feels like a natural fit for touch based devices.

Greed Corp Mobile Game Features

  • Compete in battles that are both intense and strategic.
  • Innovative land collapsing game play
  • Work your way to the top of the online leaderboards and earn trophies and titles.
  • Enjoy playing in campaign mode which features 24 unique maps across 4 different game chapters.
  • Play against to or 3 other players at a time in battles that span 36 different maps.
  • There are three difficulty levels and you can enjoy multi-player matches, even across different platforms (iOS, Android, Mac, PC), either against local or online players.

Greed Corp Game Trailer

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