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Unless you’ve been stuck living in a cave somewhere with nothing but your iPad and an Internet connection (yes life can be so cruel and unfair) for the past few months then chances are you’ve likely heard all the buzz about the new Google+ social networking tool.

When it comes to tablets Apple always seems to be 10 or more steps ahead of the competition, but in this case Android tablets are already taking advantage of the Google +1 tool. Of course this really has nothing to do with Apple and everything to do with developer submission dates. There’s also the fact that Android is a mobile OS developed by Google so it only makes sense that it arrives for Android tablets first, not to mention Google+ is still in the initial BETA stage. Nonetheless, this is one area where Android OS fans can say they had it first.

This won’t be the case for very long though as Google+ will soon arrive in the iTunes App Store. It’s already been submitted and is currently awaiting approval. So it’s really just a matter of time before iPad tablet owners will also be able to use this new tool for improved social ranking and networking.

Depending who you ask, there have been so many different reactions to Google+ so far. Some people claim it’s a great idea and true innovation on Google’s part, while others believe it’s just some lame attempt to both copy and rival Facebook. It’s no secret that Google stated in the past, note: this is not a direct quote, that the only company they fear is impressionable enough and has enough power to leave Google in the dust is in fact social networking giant Facebook.

To throw a bit of humor in the mix check out this comic released by Joy of Tech:

Zuckerberg vs Google Joy of Tech comic

Whatever the case, whether you like it or not (no ‘Facebook like’ pun intended), Google+ is here and chances are it’s here to stay for a very long time. It’s a new addition to the many already existing layers and services provided by Google. We all know when Google does something they go big or don’t even bother wasting their time. Ultimately, it will have an impact, however big or small, on the social ranking and popularity of your websites and online companies. Put it this way, you have more to gain than anything by incorporating +1 in one form or another on your sites. The fact is this feature will play a role in determining how your sites and online services rank.

With that being said, I’d like to ask what our readers thoughts are relating to Google+ and if you see this as a useful application or not. It would be great to hear what you all have to say on this topic. By the way, I have to throw this in, there is a +1 button located below this post, just sayin’.

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