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Changes recently spotted in the latest Google beta app suggests that Google Assistant will most likely be coming to Android tablets soon.

It seems that Google has changed their tune after making it appear back in March that the new Google Assistant AI wouldn’t be available for Android tablets. According to a recent discovery by 9to5Google however it seems as though a rollout could be coming soon that will make Google Assistant available for Android tablet device owners after all.

Google Assistant is already available for practically every other type of Android device including for example smartphones, smart TVs and Google’s home smart speakers, Android Wear, the Chrome OS on the Pixelbook laptop and even vehicle infotainment systems. Heck, you can even get an iOS version of Assistant for the iPhone and iPad. So, it seems only fitting that Google Assistant makes its debut on Android tablets as well. If you’re among the millions of Android tablet owners out there then this will certainly come as good news.

At this time on compatible Android 6.0+ tablets version 7.16 of the Google app is still launching the Now on Tap feature. However, being that a tablet icon now appears in the Services section in Assistant settings this does suggests a full update for Android tablets is on its way. Google has yet to confirm this but regardless the arrival of Assistant for Android tablets seems pretty much guaranteed. It’s now more a question of when rather than if. Although in many people’s opinion this update is long overdue, it’s still better late than never.

The tablet market overall has been experiencing a slow decline as of late but spikes in tablet industry sales are expected in 2018. The availability of Google Assistant will definitely make buying a new Android tablet even more enticing.

Source: 9to5Google

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