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In the early days of Facebook, could Mark Zuckerberg ever have imagined that one day his social networking site would prove pivotal in the overthrow of governments half way around the world? Likely not. I often wonder if the higher ups at Apple could ever have imagined the staggering array of apps that would ultimately be developed for the iPod, iPhone, and the iPad.

Seems to me that new technologies automatically birth their own brood of innovation. In this case, the iPad 2 is no exception. While multiplayer gaming is nothing new, the launch of the iPad 2 presents a whole new frontier for gamers and developers to explore. If you’re the proud owner of an iPad 2 and multiplayer games are your thing; we have just the ticket for you. Behold, we present to you 5 great multiplayer games for the iPad 2.

Real Racing 2 HD

Immerse yourself in the world of automotive racing. It’s easy to do thanks to this app’s superb 3D graphics, with full HD 1080p TV-out and available dual screen display.

The iPad 2’s precision gyros turn your tablet into a lean mean racing machine. Start by hopping behind the wheel of any of 30 licensed cars from automotive manufacturers from around the globe. Oh, and hey, speaking of around the globe, this app offers a world of 15 tracks to explore.

Real Racing HD 2 multiplayer iPad game

Real Racing 2 HD also offers a wide array of racing formats, including time trials and elimination races. Compete in championships, go for the cup, or simply race head to head. The choice is yours. You can even strut your stuff online by recording and uploading your gaming videos to YouTube. NOW THE WORLD CAN FINALLY WITNESS THE MAJESTY OF YOUR RACING PROWESS! *rolls eyes*

With the flexibility of the iPad 2, you can tap into the Game Center via local Wi-Fi. Now you’re free to be as antisocial as you’d like, by gaming on a bad date, or at local coffee shops, bookstores, and restaurants. Less antisocial? Play in the privacy of your own dark, dank basement. When online, you can compete against real world opponents with up to 16 players.

Want to know just how good you really are? Find out how you rank against the world’s top players via the Game Center using Firemint’s Cloudcell technology.

Real Racing 2 HD need never get dull, as it is regularly updated with new features, improvements, and events.

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Battlefield: Bad Company 2

Were your childhood counseling sessions abandoned for more serious psychological help? Have you had more than 10 beloved pets “mysteriously” disappear? Are your uppers interfering with your downers? Then Battlefield: Bad Company 2 is the game for you.

Battlefield Bad Company 2 iPad app

“It’s a cornucopia of carnage”, “It’s a cacophony of casualties”, “It’s a whole hunk’a things blow’d up”

Take part in combat throughout 5 intensely detailed battle zones. You’ll engage enemy bastions from desert dust, through piercing arctic snow, or enveloped in the sultry sweat of the jungle. Unleash terror with an arsenal of state-of the-art combat vehicles, including tanks and helicopters. For those who prefer their stabbin’ to be more personal, you can also engage the enemy in close-quarter combat. Hooray!

Get your trembling hands on any of 14 weapons, from a simple knife to a rocket-propelled grenade. Start your killing spree with 14 single-player missions or get your “war crimes” on, with up to 10 friends in full online multiplayer mode. (Let’s face it; mass murderers love company).

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Infinity Blade

For untold years, the god king himself has lorded over your people; his power complete; his followers, innumerable. Your destiny lies in vanquishing this Dark Overlord. Your purpose is to free your people from unspeakable darkness.

Infinity Blade multiplayer game for iPad

This, this is your mission.
This, this is your birthright.
This, this lies in your bloodline.

Now you must battle your way to the Dark Citadel. One by one, you must battle his Titans, even unto death. Defeat all who stand in your way. Vanquish his army. Defeat the god king.

Let government overthrow and violent uprising begin!

“It’s like the Arab Spring for CGI characters”

Winner of the 2011 Apple Design Award, and more than 20 “Game of the Year” & “Top App” awards!

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Fruit Ninja HD

Back in the day (in Japan), the hand could be used like a knife. Unfortunately, at the time, it couldn’t be used to slice tomatoes. And while I don’t care to delve into the whole “is a tomato a fruit or a vegetable?” argument, at the time, the hand wasn’t the best implement for getting the job done. Well, thanks to time and technological advancement, we can all slice fruit with the simple swipe of a finger.

Fruit Ninja HD iPad multiplayer game

Enter Fruit Ninja HD. What can I say? It’s high def fruit slicing and while I think this game is “da bomb”, I wouldn’t advise anyone to slice into a bomb whether in this, or the virtual world, (especially with a Ginsu knife), but I digress. Playing Fruit Ninja has always been a slice, but now it’s even more so when two can play. The addition of high definition fruit makes this game even more appealing. Fun stuff!

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Foosball HD

Foosball, you bet! (Most obscure reference ever!)

Foosball HD game for iPad

Well, where to begin? Looking for fun normally relegated to sketchy watering holes (without the smell of stale beer, obligatory bar brawls and/or stabbings). Well, we have just the game for you. It’s Foosball HD. This game is truly staggering to watch. It features mind-blowing graphics, true 3D physics and realistic sound effects. It comes about as close to playing the real game as one could possibly imagine. The look and actions of the game are completely realistic. In my opinion, it’s easily worth the $2.99 for this app. Of course if you needed more realism, you could start your own bar brawl with the Bar Brawl App. Just kidding, (no such app), although I smell wood burning. Remember, I thought of it first!

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