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A brand new mafia style game called Crime Story for your Android tablet has been released and it’s also free to download. Brought to you by the talented developers at Game Insight this game has stunning graphics with colorful 3D models and a great storyline.

In this free and addictive Android action and adventure game you will be challenged in many ways. See if you have what it takes to move up in the ranks in the cruel and dangerous mafia world. You character begins his career as a small time handy-man and how dominant and successful he becomes is entirely up to you. There are specific objectives in this free Android game such as locating your brother, raising your profile with tattoos, forcefully eliminating your enemies and establishing rewarding business relationships, but ultimately you are the narrator of your own gangsta story.

Free Android game Crime Story

Crime Story Android Game Key Features

As already briefly mentioned this game is designed with smooth animations and brilliant 3D graphics and the overall plot and storyline is well thought out. At first you’ll start out with almost next to nothing and gradually work your way up the ranks and establish your own global underground empire. There are many ways to advance in this game and there’s no shortage surprises and opportunities.

Enjoy several different quests, challenging tasks such as earning respect from other gang representatives and even play fun mini-games along the way.

How you interact with top bosses and police officers will greatly impact overall gameplay. Keep in mind the characteristics and behaviors of bosses in this game will change each time you play which makes it even more fun, unpredictable and entertaining.

Your main objective is to find your kidnapped brother all the while keeping your poise and wits about you in a world filled with corruption. Your actions will determine whether or not you become a well respected mobster and you must also seek the support of your family.

You must obtain money, weapons, power and respect if you want to succeed as a top Godfather. You’ll have to explore buildings, pay close attention to detail, perform attacks and robberies and much more in this highly entertaining game!

Crime Story Demo Video

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