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Well here’s an interesting concept, a learning app that interacts with your iPad 2 smart cover. This is definitely the first of it’s kind. It’s a cleverly designed app that helps you study as well as improve your memory. Next time your professor tells you to turn off your iPad during a lecture just tell him you’re studying!

It’s a fun way to prepare yourself for that next big test or exam. It can even be used for quizzing yourself just for the fun of it and help you get your gray matter in gear.

There’s also the option to compile your own list of custom questions. This is especially convenient and useful. All you need to do is connect your Evernote account with the new Peek app. Create a new note with your title being the clue. Whatever you type in your main note body will be the answer. That’s really all there is to it.

Evernote Peek app for iPad 2 smart cover

How Evernote Peek Works

How it works is simple really. First you pick a desired notebook to study. After that, close your smart cover. Next, lift the first section of your smart cover for a study question to appear. Look under the smart cover for a clue, and lift even further for the answer.

Each time you close the smart cover it will automatically advance to the next question. If by chance you get an answer wrong or would like to repeat the previous question you just need to tap on the “incorrect” box.

Evernote Peek Demo Video

Download on the App Store

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