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How would you like to improve your health, receive great offers, and earn free SCENE points towards your next movie at the same time? Carrot Rewards is a free app that not only promotes good health and wellness but helps get you closer to earning enough SCENE points for your next free movie literally one step at a time.

I’ve been using the Carrot Rewards app on my LGG4 Android phone for the past few weeks now. I felt the need to share this cool app with those of you who may not have heard of it yet. I think it’s a great app and I even convinced my fiance to install it on her mobile phone. Yes, she loves it too. As you can see by the screenshot below, at the time of writing this article I’ve already earned a total of 279 SCENE points. I have a bunch of offers in the queue that I need to complete yet so that will also help to boost my overall SCENE points.

So what exactly is so great about this app? Well for starters you earn 100 free SCENE points just for installing the app on your Android or iOS device. You also earn 100 SCENE points for every new person you refer to the app. If you’d like, feel free to use my referral code darrylb4081. Additionally, with Google Fit (or HealthKit for iOS devices) this app tracks how many steps you take and you earn 4 SCENE points daily if you reach or exceed your daily step goal. The app tracks your steps for the first two weeks after you initially install it in order to determine your baseline average. Once your baseline is determined you can also earn even more daily points by exceeding your baseline by 1,000 steps.

By reading health related articles, engaging in surveys and taking quizzes you can also earn points towards your Petro-Points™, Aeroplan® Miles, or More Rewards® accounts.

Carrot Rewards is all about helping you make healthier eating and lifestyle choices. It’s a collaborative effort between many great partners including but not limited to the Public Health Agency of Canada, Social Change Rewards, Heart & Stroke Foundation, the Ministry of Health, and the Canadian Diabetes Association.

There should be no question whether or not you decide to install this app, the only question you should be asking now is what will be the first free movie you go to see using the SCENE points you collect! I think my fiance and I are going to go see Ghost in the Shell.

Download Carrot Rewards for free from the Apple App Store or from Google Play today!

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