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Dumb ways to Die was originally started as a public service announcement for Australia. Now the games have gathered a following and more keep coming.

The latest iOS app to join the Dumb Ways family is Dumb Ways JR Zany’s Hospital. This game takes place in a hospital where you have three main rooms to explore. Taking care of the patients that come in with appearances from some of the original Dumb Ways characters. You get to explore being a doctor and learning about the different patients you get to take care of.

In the game you must take the blood pressure of your patients and hear their heart beats. Help keep your patients safe, happy, and healthy by performing exams. There are always surprises to discover with and Dumb Ways game so you can expect the same with this one. Aimed at children ages 3-7 years of age; this game has lots of colors and fun characters. Children will have fun with the role-playing as a doctor and the story telling within the game.

Dumb Ways JR Zany's Hospital iOS game screenshot

There are no in-app purchases for this game and you can purchase the game itself from the App Store for only $1.99. You do not need wi-fi or any internet connection to play this game. This game has just been released recently in the App Store on August 23rd 2017. The App Store is currently the only place you can find this mobile game for download. Dumb Ways JR Zany’s Hospital is compatible with both the iPhone and iPad so you can have full enjoyment on all of your devices.

When the original Dumb Ways was released I was an avid player and enjoyed the game play. If at the time you asked me if the creators would have games targeted towards children I would have guessed not. But I am glad they have expanded their audience and started to include the younger generation. The Dumb Ways games are meant to educate everyone on the dangers of things around them in fun and unique ways.

Personally I feel if these games where around when I was younger I would have been more cautious and thought things through more. The creators of the Dumb Ways games must be commended for their unique and innovative ways for making us think and engaging us in the world around us.

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