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If you’re a Nintendo Switch owner and fan like us then you can appreciate the importance of protecting your portable tablet gaming console. That’s why we’re excited to inform you of our latest deal alert! For a limited time you can save on the Orzly carry case for the Switch.

This carrying case is both practical and heavy duty. It comes in a variety of colors too including black, midnight blue, pink, yellow, orange and more! There’s even a poke red version which resembles a pokeball for any of you Pokemon fans out there. It’s the perfect addition and accessory for your Nintendo Switch tablet.

By design the Switch gaming console is already portable but this case improves portability and makes your device even more travel friendly. It holds your Joy-Con controllers, games, device and cables with ease without being bulky.

This case has many great features! It’s soft on the inside and comes equipped with a hard EVA shell on the outside to provide maximum protection for your device. It’s water resistant so you can have peace of mind knowing your device, games and accessories will be kept safe in case you spill water or any other beverage on it by accident. It helps protect your device from drops with its shock absorbing material. It keeps your Switch screen safe from scratches. For added comfort it also has a soft rubberized handle. It’s the perfect solution for carrying your Switch console while on the go.

The Orzly carrying case can hold up to 8 Nintendo Switch game cartridges or SD cards. This case has everything you need when it comes to both storage and protection.

It’s only being sold at a discounted price for a limited time so be sure to take advantage of this deal while it lasts! Just click the button below to order yours today!

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