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Our featured Android app of the Week is Dark 3 an intense role playing adventure game. With fires fading and a world falling into ruin you’ll travel into a realm of colossal enemies and environments.

In Dark 3, players are immersed into an epic world of darkness with fast game play and amplified combat intensity. With real-time combat you get to blast your way through a 3D open world.

Real-time combats, clans, guilds, extreme arsenal and customization is just some of the great feature this Android mobile game has to offer. You can battle in co-op or PVP and the combats never end. Beating your opponent is easy with the one tap combo controls. You can equip items to your character such as furious wings in order to help their skill level in a combat. Not only can you equip cool gear but you can wield an awesome arsenal of weapons from angelic, demonic and earthly creation.

Challenge other players in the multiplayer dungeon or kick but in the boss world. With plenty of quests and playing options the adventure is sure to never end. Build relationships and alliances among others to maximize your defense and to defeat your rivals. Battle with different arenas in the PVP mode such as team and alliance battles.

You must choose from a variety of heroes like warrior, mage, and archer so you may begin your journey through the open world. Customize your game play style, unlock new abilities and upgrade your weapons in order to help you defeat your enemies in combat. Along your journey you may uncover some ancient relics and collect tome which you use to unleash the wrath of war. Combine brutal attacks and supernatural abilities to form strong attacks against your rivals.

You can also play this Android game offline so you may kill bosses and upgrade your character anywhere you are. Don’t want to miss out on epic loot from dungeon raids and major PVP battles? Be sure to join a guild or clan as mentioned above! While in a guild or clan you can get help taking down bosses, do dungeon raids and have a massive PVP combat. In this vast stunning open world you can explore, conquer and play with others around the globe.

Download Dark 3 on Google Play

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