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Peer-to-peer car rental services are becoming more mainstream and at CES 2018 Koolicar has announced their groundbreaking new car sharing AR mobile app.

Using augmented reality the Koolicar GO app makes it easier than ever to locate vehicles in your area that are available to be rented. It can also help eliminate the need to have to meet up with the vehicle’s owner. It’s the first ever mobile app of its kind.

More people are starting to look at peer-to-peer car rental services as a way to make additional money or as a more affordable alternative to paying for more expensive taxi services or other transportation services such as Uber. With innovative tech and new ideas Koolicar is at the forefront of making the process of peer-to-peer car renting as simple and easy as possible for both those who rent the cars and vehicle owners alike.

With Koolicar’s new AR mobile app you can easily view any vehicles nearby that are available for rental. Using what’s called a “KoolKey” which is a private digital key you can also unlock the vehicle you’d like to rent out. Tags also appear on the app’s screen which inform you of how long a vehicle will be available for rent. Yes it’s that simple! No reservations needed, no human interaction necessary and no phone calls to make. All you need is Koolicar’s new AR app and your phone’s camera in order to scan your surroundings for available rental vehicles.

Koolicar launched back in 2012 and they’ll be giving advanced access of their new AR app to the most active users of their already existing app to help test things out and weed out any potential bugs before making it available to everyone. Although the French company has been around for a few years, this is their first time attending the popular CES trade show. They’ll be demonstrating their new AR app through Friday so if you’re one of the lucky ones attending CES 2018 you’ll definitely want to visit their booth and check it out!

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