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This weeks Android app of the week is the fourth installment of Cally’s Caves. That’s right folks, after more than a two year wait Cally is back in Cally’s Caves 4. In her biggest adventure yet, Cally must embark on a journey to save Rupert from a curse that has been placed upon him.

In this newly released Android game Cally will travel the globe making friends along the way while fighting hordes of enemies during her mission. Can you help Cally become the greatest hero in the world and save Rupert?

With over 300 levels crawling with enemies and 9 biomes you can find many collectibles and secrets along the way. There are 88 unique weapons from 11 different classes. Using these weapons will level them up to where they change in appearance and firing effects. Level your weapon all the way up to unlock it’s final form and power. You can even customize your weapon and it’s effects with the expansive weapons mod in the game.

There are 24 different types of enemies that span the various modes of the game. You’ll encounter 11 different bosses for you to fight or become friends with along the way. Not only do you get cool new outfits for Cally in Cally’s Caves 4 but her sidekick Bera the ninja bear also returns as a playable character in the game.

The creators have also included a helpful in-game wiki so that players can read up on the story line, characters, along with the enemies and their weaknesses.

In this latest release Cally can now auto fire and strafe. MFI controller’s are fully supported with this Android game. The Hubworld has shops to buy consumables, power-ups and weapon mods all with in-game currency.

This Android app is a run and gun action game where you level up to save your friend. If you enjoyed the first 3 releases of this series then you’ll be more than pleased with this installment of the game. There is no disappointment here when it comes to the new story line and return of some great characters.

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