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Introducing Nest, the multi-functional iPad and iPad 2 stand from Bluelounge. Once you get your hands on this cleverly designed iPad accessory you’ll want to bring it with you wherever you go. It also works well with your Apple iPhone which makes it even more diverse!

Nest multi functional iPad 2 stand from Bluelounge

You’ll love the stylish design! The Nest stand is practical as well as affordable and supports your iPad in either landscape or portrait mode. Another great thing about this accessory is you can also use it for office storage, a place to put your keys, USB memory sticks or even business cards.

It’s compact, lightweight & easy to bring along with you wherever you travel. I mentioned above that this accessory is diverse, to further support that you aren’t just limited to using this for your iPad. What I mean is, other tablets fit rather comfortably in this stand as well. Perhaps for example you own the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 or some other Android tablet, or maybe even the BlackBerry PlayBook, if so it’s not a problem, they all fit perfectly!

A small tray slides out the back so you can place your iPad in it either horizontally or vertically. Then, when you’re done using your tablet simply slide the tray back in. Located on the bottom on each 4 corners of the tray there are rubber feet. This prevents the stand from slipping or sliding, instead, it grips any flat surface in order to keep your iPad in place while you type away, watch videos or browse the web.

Charlie Sorrel from Wired had the following to say about the Nest Stand:

IPad stands are useful right up until you’re not using them to stand-up your iPad. Unless, that is, the stand is the BlueLounge Nest.

This is just one of many positive testimonials for the Bluelounge Nest. Several trusted, well known and top reviewers in the tech industry have nothing but good things to say about this multi-functional accessory.

Nest is available in a wide range of different colors including:

  • Black
  • White
  • Blue
  • Green
  • Pink
  • Orange

You can purchase and use this accessory for your own portable tablet and it even makes for an affordable and thoughtful gift. Don’t be shy, feel free to donate to the chimp named Darryl fund and order yours today!

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