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Does your child want a new pet of their very own? Don’t want to give them one because of allergies or perhaps you already have enough of them? Well I have found 5 Android virtual pet apps that you and/or your child may enjoy.

These apps are fun and can help teach children how to be responsible when it comes to taking care of a pet. Another plus with these apps is that there is no mess, such as cleaning the cat litter for example, that you physically have to tend to!

Bubbu – My Virtual Pet

Bubbu is a virtual cat. You must bath and feed Bubbu as you would an actual pet. You can dress Bubbu up and customize your pet’s home. There are over 30 mini-games within Bubbu’s world where you can collect points and coins. You can even take Bubbu to the doctor’s office when he feels sick. Spin a wheel of fortune and complete daily tasks to help you along with making sure Bubbu has the best care possible.

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Mimitos Cat – Virtual Pet

Mimitos is another virtual cat that you can adopt as your own. You must feed and take care of Mimitos the same as you would a real pet. There are mini-games within Mimitos world that you can play. You also get a garden where you can grow the food you need for Mimitos.

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My Boo

My Boo Your Virtual Pet Game for Android

My Boo is a a little circle that you can choose the color of and dress up as you please. You must wash, feed and take care of your Boo so they wont get sick. There are many mini games in this virtual pet app to help you collect money to feed and dress your Boo. You can decorate Boo’s home however you please. My Boo is a fun little game for your little one.

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Happy Bear

Happy Bear virtual pet app for Android

Happy Bear is, yes you guessed it, where you have your very own pet bear. Happy Bear has life like emotions to show you how much it loves and cares for you as much as you do him. You take care of your bear the same way as any other pet by feeding and bathing him. You can customize your Bear however you’d like. There is so much you can do with this Bear and in his world you will have loads of nonstop fun.

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Moy 5 Virtual Pet Game

This is where you adopt Moy who you must look after to make sure he stays healthy and happy. Moy has lots of games in his world. Some games you can even play in real time with your friends. Moy has life like emotions so he can give back the love you give him. You can collect stickers, grow your own garden and also help Moy with an aquarium.

Moy will have you falling in love with him in no time.

Google Play

So there you have it, these are 5 virtual pets you can download for your youngsters on your Android tablet or smartphone. This list should help you find the best fit for your child or for yourself. I know a few young adults who have downloaded some of these virtual pet apps themselves and now they are hooked.

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