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If you own an Android tablet such as the Motorola Xoom or Samsung Galaxy Tab chances are you’ll use it in part for social networking. That being the case you’ll want to know some of the best social networking apps which are available. I’m hoping to make that search easier for you by compiling a list of some of the top favorites that are out there.

Plume for Twitter

Brought to you by Level Up Studio, Plume is a popular and frequently downloaded Android app for twitter. One of the many cool features of this twitter client is the ability to define specific colors for people you follow. This allows you to customize which tweets you want to stand out above the rest for quick access to messages that may be of greater importance to you.

Make your experience more personalized with Plume by taking advantage of it’s long list of customizable features. You can also add a widget on your home screen and merge Plume with other 3rd party applications such as ADW Launcher and SayMyName for example. Easily share links, text messages and photos from other applications and have them sent directly to your Plume app.

Of course those are just a few examples of what makes this Android app so great. Download the free or paid version using the links below and try it out for yourself.

Click here to download Plume (free version) from the Android Market.
Click here to download Plume Premium (paid version/ad free) from the Android Market.

Flow for Facebook

Here’s a Facebook app for your Android tablet that really enhances and improves your experience. It’s user interface is developed with ease of use in mind but don’t be fooled by it’s simplicity because it has all of the features you could ever want.

Unlike the default/basic Facebook Android app this one comes bundled with several cool features you currently won’t find anywhere else. One of our favorite features is how you can simply shake your Android tablet to refresh and list updates. Pretty cool huh?

This app is customizable in many ways and also supports Gmail push notifications. Do everything with this app from managing your Facebook pages to selecting privacy settings for each post and status update you make.

Click here to download Flow for Facebook (free version) from the Android Market.
Click here to download Flow for Facebook (paid version) from the Android Market.

Flickr Companion For Android

The clever group of developers from ZMo Software bring you one of the best and most fully featured Flickr clients for your Android tablet. Manage your favorite photo sets with ease. Stay connected by viewing your groups and contacts. Uploading videos to your Flickr account is also a breeze.

Click here to download Flickr Companion (free version) from the Android Market.
Click here to download Flickr Companion (paid version) from the Android Market.

Tango Voice & Video Calls

Millions of people have discovered a new way to Tango, er, communicate! Stay connected with your friends, family and business associates using this highly popular app. You can invite friends on your own but Tango also populates your contact list automatically by retrieving contacts you have stored on your device.

Take advantage of free voice and video calls to anyone across the globe who also has Tango installed. It’s compatible with Android tablets as well as dozens of other Android based devices. You can even make calls between iOS phones and tablets.

Tango is simple and easy to use. During calls you can easily switch from video to voice chat and visa versa.

Click here to download Tango from the Android Market.


There’s no skimping out on features when it comes to the MyTumblr Android app. It’s been around for some time but now supports Android tablets as well. Stream your audio and video posts, automatically (or manually if desired) send tweets directly to your Twitter account and much more!

You can do everything from this app and it has all of the built in features you’re accustom to using with Tumblr. You can download the free version to test out the app and see if it’s suitable for you, I believe you’ll enjoy using it!

Click here to download MyTumblr (free version) from the Android Market.
Click here to download MyTumblr (paid version) from the Android Market.


Now here’s a really cool Android app for your tablet device! Introducing Gowalla, a fun app developed for people who want to share adventures while traveling or from wherever you may happen to be.

Basically, it’s a social travel guide that you can use to share photos, keep in touch with your friends and highlight places you go. Share your highlights from places such as local boutiques, eateries, bars, parks, theaters or wherever your life journey’s take you!

Gowalla is also easy to integrate with your other accounts with Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook and Foursquare which is an added bonus.

Click here to download Gowalla from the Android Market.

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