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It’s time for another roundup of the best and most recently launched iPad games. When it comes to mobile games for tablets there’s always plenty of new ones arriving, but we’ve selected some of our personal top favorites which we hope you enjoy!

If you have any suggestions for new iPad games that you feel deserve to be mentioned please comment below or contact us and we’ll try our best to feature them in future parts of this series. In the meantime, check out some of the games below and enjoy!

Fortress Under Siege for iPad

This newly released iPad strategy game is challenging and fun. Your mission is to defend your tower and kingdom against evil attacks. Various missions are spread out by days with each day presenting you with a new type of enemy attacks and strategic formations.

Fortress Under Siege new iPad game

What I really like about this game is that you can build and design your own fortresses. There are also different types of towers you can use, each with their own unique way of protecting your kingdom to make your defense even stronger.

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Peggle HD

Puzzle games for mobile devices don’t get much more addictive than this! Peggle HD, a popular title from the developers at PopCap Games, has finally arrived for the iPad. The game has gone through many phases since initially being released for the Mac & PC back in 2007. It’s had some time to evolve and Peggle HD is easily one of the best new mobile HD touchscreen games for the iPad.

Peggle HD game for iPad

You’ll enjoy the enhanced HD graphics on your touchscreen tablet as well as the abundance of cool features. There are 55 levels in total. This game runs really smooth on the iPad and will provide you with countless hours of puzzle solving fun.

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Toppling Towers HD

Before you shout out “Angry Birds knockoff” give this game a try, it really is a lot of fun and on top of that it’s absolutely free to download and play on your iPad.

Toppling Towers HD game for iPad

This game has a comedic storyline with a bit of a twist. Typically with games when there is a princess involved the quest is normally to save her, but in Toppling Towers HD it’s the other way around and your mission is to defeat her. If you’re a guy who was recently dumped by a girl who crushed your ego this game might help you overcome your humiliation. You can even use this game as a tool to get dumped in the first place by paying more attention to your iPad than your girlfriend. This way when she does dump you and you play the game afterwards you will get the full effect. All around good times!

Toppling Towers HD Game Trailer

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NBA 2K12 for iPad

Introducing NBA 2K12, the top rated NBA sports game for the iPad with realistic game play and stunning HD graphics. This is your chance to be like Mike, sort of. Ok well I hate to burst your bubble but you’ll never be as good as Michael Jordan, but this game is truly awesome nonetheless.

NBA 2K12 game for iPad

Who doesn’t enjoy a good game of hoops? For 11 years in a row this game has been the #1 rated NBA simulation and it’s finally available for iOS. Check out the video below to see actual game play footage of NBA 2K12 on the iPad.

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