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As most of you know by now the iPad 2 is much more than just a device for media consumption and entertainment, in fact it has the ability to serve many purposes. Having the right productivity apps that suit your needs can help you be more efficient and also make your life a little easier to manage.

As of July 2011 there are now more than 100,000 apps which have been developed specifically for the iPad and nearly half a million iOS apps in total. With so many apps to choose from it’s not always easy knowing where to start, thus the reason for my attempt to make your search a little easier. I will begin this series (part 1) with a few free but very useful productivity apps.

Think of the iPad as a toolbox and the apps as your tools. If you’re an auto mechanic for example you wouldn’t pack a printer in your toolbox, then again maybe that’s how all those auto body shops get such motivational posters and calendars of glamorous babes. Ok, back to reality here.

The following is a list of 5 free productivity apps for your iPad 2 tablet. Hopefully you find this list helpful. If not, well it’s probably just because your mind is still on babe calendars and you simply aren’t focusing or paying attention. Jokes aside, let’s proceed.

iTranslate App

If you travel a lot or have friends/clients in other countries it’s always handy to have a reliable and accurate translation app. iTranslate is one of the more popular iOS translation apps with over 20 million downloads and for good reason. It was initially made popular by iPhone users but luckily there’s now an iPad version.

iTranslate free productivity app for iPad

This iPad app is loaded with features including support for over 50 languages, several available dictionaries and text-to-speech for 18 different languages. Enjoy instant translations as well as a convenient swipe to paste option. It even has the ability to auto detect languages.

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WebEx for iPad

One of the great things about this digital age is that with the Internet it’s like we are all right next door to one another even though in reality we can be thousands of miles apart. With WebEx for iPad setting up meetings and video conferencing sessions is a breeze.

WebEx app for iPad

You can have business meetings with clients and co-workers worldwide or even video chat with your mother who you haven’t called in ages. You can’t use the excuse either that your mother doesn’t own an iPad 2 because there’s also MAC and PC versions of this great software available. Enjoy meetings in real time and even record your sessions if you need/want to.

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GoToMyPC Remote Desktop App

Instantly gain secure access to files and programs on your home or office computer with GoToMyPc for iPad. It’s the perfect solution for your remote desktop needs. Bring your MAC or PC with you everywhere you go, and no I don’t mean by literally carrying it, mind you that would also work but my guess is it wouldn’t be near as convenient. On the bright side that method would likely be good exercise.

GoToMyPc app for iPad

It’s a very user friendly and simple app to use, but in case you do run into any hiccups or issues there is around the clock support available. If you’re out staggering on the streets after a night at the bar, forgot your home address and can’t access your home computer to find it my advice would be to check your wallet for photo ID before calling tech support though.

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iChromy Web Browser App

If you’re looking for a Google Chrome style web browser for your iPad then iChromy is just the app for you! It has plenty of great features and you won’t even know the difference. Nothing against Safari but some people do have strict preferences when it comes to different browsers and it’s good to have options.

iChromy iPad web browsing app

With iChromy you can do all sorts of things like share web pages through popular social networking services like Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr to name a few. You can also save passwords, save photos directly from your browser to your favorite photo app, surf privately by selecting incognito mode (more secure), enjoy tabbed browsing and of course much more!

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Bamboo Paper

The Bamboo Paper app and your favorite stylus pen is a true match made in iPad heaven. Use this productivity app to take notes in your own handwriting. Keep track of grocery lists, to-do lists, use it for doodling and even capturing thoughts and ideas as they come to mind.

Bamboo Paper note taking app for iPad

There’s plenty of advantages to having an app like this and you can even bookmark and/or share your favorite notes or sketches via email. Instead of chopping down your grandmothers favorite 150 year old tree why not do your part for the environment and install the Bamboo Paper app instead?

Download on the App Store

Looking for a good stylus pen for your iPad 2?

If you don’t have a stylus pen yet then I suggest you have a peak at the Streamlight Stylus Penlight. It has a built-in flashlight, a pocket clip and it’s even water-proof. Now you can take notes underwater, sorry oxygen tanks sold separate.

iPad 2 stylus pen with LED flashlight and pocket clip

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