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Brought to you by the creators of Angry Birds, Battle Bay is one of the coolest and most entertaining new Android games to hit the Google Play Store this month.

Battle Bay is a MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) game where you can join alliances and go head to head in real-time against other teams. The first team to capture all of the points wins. What’s really cool is you can battle with and against other players in real-time no matter where in the world you are located. You’ll enjoy ripping your way through the tides in action packed 5-on-5 multiplayer battles on nine different maps.

You get to select which type of ship you want to battle with, each of which has its own advantages and specialties. You can choose either the Enforcer, Defender, Shooter, or Speeder. The more you play and level up your ships the more powerful your speed, defense and weapons improve.

Battle Bay ship upgrades

There’s quite an arsenal of weapons you can equip your ship with too including a blast cannon, big torpedo, railgun, missiles, sniper cannon and flare gun. There are practically endless possibilities when it comes to ways you can customize your ship.

Strategize with your alliance and navigate your way through choppy waters to defeat rivals. You can join guilds and by working together battle your way to the top of the leaderboards.

It’s the first ever real-time multiplayer game developed by Rovio, and I have to say they’ve done an impressive job especially since you don’t see many MOBA type games for Android. The graphics are great and it’s a fun and challenging game that you can enjoy from anywhere. So download Battle Bay on your Android phone or tablet and hit the waves today!

You can also download Battle Bay from the App Store for iOS devices.

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