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I just love the sound of buzzing quadricopter engines in the morning, then again who doesn’t? Now you can take flight with the much anticipated AR.Drone Android app from Parrot. It’s been a long wait but it’s finally here! Android smartphone and tablet users rejoice!

This is exactly the reason Android tablets were invented in the first place, well that and to rescue cats from trees of course (sorry Samsung, you know we love you but just can’t let that one go!).

Remote controlled Quadricopters are a huge phenomenon right now and the latest must have toy. We sure have come a long way since the Quadrotor from the 20’s. Of course the Parrot Quadricopter hit the scene a while back and even won the innovations award for Electronic Gaming Hardware at the 2010 CES, but the fact that they are now compatible with Android devices is the big story right now.

What Is the AR.Drone?

The Parrot AR.Drone is a Wi-Fi powered hovercraft device which takes augmented reality flying games to a whole new level. It comes equipped with motion sensors and two cameras (one in the front and a vertical camera) that enable you to view it’s position while in flight. It’s built for both indoor and outdoor use.

Enjoy the ultimate experience with this wireless electronic gaming device and battle it out head to head while competing against your friends, which is primarily what the AR.Drone was designed for, or fly solo just for fun. You’ll quickly see how intuitive its controls are and just how advanced its embedded stabilization system is. You really will feel just like a true pilot!

To sum it up, it’s just plain cool! Check out the commercial demo video below.

AR.Drone for Android Demo Video

Want to see more of the AR.Drone in action? No problem! Check out more than 8,000 user submitted videos and counting & even join in on the fun yourself.

Where Can I Buy My Very Own AR.Drone Quadricopter?

orange and green Parrot Ar.DroneThere are several point of sale outlets worldwide where you can purchase one of 3 different models (colors) currently available. Click here for a complete list of locations that you can buy one in person in your area.

Or of course there’s always the option to order online right away from Amazon and have one shipped directly to your home. To buy one brand new will cost you roughly $300 plus shipping and handling.

Get the Free AR.FreeFlight Android App

Turn your Android tablet into a genuine piloting station with the newly released AR.FreeFlight app. Take full control of your AR.Drone quadricopter and put your flying skills to the ultimate test.

This app takes full advantage of your tablet’s accelerometer and multitouch capabilities and lets you control your quadricopter at a range of up to 50 meters. Also, stream live video footage from your tablet while in flight.

Download AR.FreeFlight from the Android Market.

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