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Check out this clever iOS 5 parody video by magician Simon Pierro. Back in 2010 when Steve Jobs said the iPad was magical there was no mention that it would be able to do all of this. Parody or not, Mr. Pierro sure makes an entertaining presentation and he’s quite creative.

Watch Simon do several cool things with the iPad 2 such as attempt to change the weather, stream a soft drink (just watch and it will make sense), and make objects come to life through the screen.

So as not to create false hope among the iOS enthusiasts out there I made a point of including the word “Parody” in the title of this post. If you can’t take a joke, well too bad for you. For those of you anxiously waiting for a real iOS 5 preview try not to get your panties in a knot. This year’s WWDC starts later today so you won’t have to wait much longer for the actual unveiling of iOS 5.

In the meantime I hope you enjoy this video, I know I did. In less than 24 hours this video has had nearly 150k views on YouTube, quite impressive really. He launched this video at the most opportune time too, considering this week is when the real iOS 5 will be unveiled.

Exclusive iOS 5 Preview Video (Parody)

Click here to visit Simon Pierro’s official website. Believe it or not but he earned a diploma in economic engineering before doing magic for a living. Since beginning his career as a magician he has won several awards for his work. Check out his site to learn more about mister Wizard of OS, ok not sure if that’s one of his official nicknames but it is both fitting and catchy after watching his iOS 5 video.

UPDATE: iPad Magic Video: Preview on iOS Part 2.

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