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Alright now let’s get this straight, we currently have smartphone and tablet PC devices running the Android Gingerbread and most recently Android Honeycomb operating systems. Soon it’s expected that Ice Cream Sandwich will follow but before it has even become available to the masses there’s already rumors of the next major update which will be called Android Jelly Bean.

Wow, just talking about Google’s list of mobile operating systems is enough to make your mouth water and crave something sweet. Also, we have “G” for “Gingerbread”, “H” for “Honeycomb”, “I” for “Ice Cream Sandwich” and now “J” for “Jelly Bean”. Is it just me or does anyone see a pattern here? The only conclusion I can come to is that Google enjoys tasty treats and they are big fans of the alphabet, of course that’s on top of being at the forefront of developing & delivering some of the best mobile platform solutions.

Jelly Bean OS

We still aren’t 100% certain when Android Ice Cream Sandwich will be released or what the first device will be that runs it. Chances are the latest OS will be coming to a device near you very soon though and Samsung’s Nexus Prime will probably be the first device to show off the new OS, at least that’s how things appear to be shaping up based on all the rumors and speculations up to this point. Then again it could very well be the Sony Ericsson that gets the much anticipated upgrade first, nobody knows for sure right now but time will tell.

One thing that’s certain is that Google is well known for planning ahead so whatever they have planned you can bet it will be innovative. Based on what we’ve heard, Jelly Bean will included features that will enhance syncing abilities between Android based smartphones & tablets, which is a good thing. We don’t know specifics yet but we’ve been told to expect some major overhauls with Jelly Bean that include huge overall improvements in regards to architecture, functionality, and design.

On that note, while we’re in a “forward thinking” mode, what do you think their next OS will be called, the one that starts with the letter “K”? Kit Kat sounds cool, but Nestle already owns the rights to that name, but who knows maybe they can work out some sort of deal! If not, kiwi could be a good choice!

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