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Apparently, our computers are virtual eco systems and Android tablet PCs are no exception. Sure. When you think about it, we deal with a slew of creatures when contending with computers.

Let’s see, there’s:

  • (Trojan) Horses
  • (Software) Bugs
  • Spiders
  • Worms
  • Viruses

It’s a veritable farmyard of trouble. Then there are the actual biological critters. University of Arizona researchers found that the average desktop has 400 times more bacteria than the average toilet seat. Holy crap on the keyboard, Batman!

Seeing as I am virtually the only person who uses my computer, I can take solace in the thought that the filth on my computer is all my own. Yes sir, that writhing putrefaction is like my own personal offspring. Makes a guy kind of proud.

I’m not one of those people that “freaks” at the idea of bacteria. Like it or not, we’re covered with the varmints, inside and out. Plus I have an immune system. So long as a person is in good health, the immune system is “getting it done”, all on its own. Thanks immune system that I don’t have to think about it!

Unlike the human body, computers don’t necessarily have immune systems. Of course, you can purchase anti-virus software, but the threat remains constant. There’s always some malcontented ne’er-do-well living in their parent’s basement, planning to unleash their revenge on the world for being… well… such a malcontented ne’er-do-well living in their parent’s basement. Grow up. Be like me and become an embittered anti-social ‘tard with his own website; it’s life affirming.

Funny thing, you don’t hear much about viruses and malware affecting tablet computers. Is no news, good news? Perhaps malware and viruses can’t affect tablets. Hate to break it to you, but they can. The basic rule of thumb is this: If it can be programmed, it can be cracked. Stupid ne’er-do-wells! Let’s look at one such case involving tablet computers.

Every new frontier brings its own set of dangers. One such frontier is the newest Android mobile operating system. In late 2010, LookOut Mobile Security, a mobile security company, found a Trojan virus infecting Android Mobile OS devices. The name of this virus is “Geinimi”. Geinimi affects Android based devices, including tablets and phones.

CBC News quoted Kevin Mahaffey, Lookout’s chief technology officer, as having said the following:

The Trojan that we’re talking about is the most sophisticated Android malware we’ve seen

The botnet-like Trojan collects information that can compromise a user’s privacy, including the location coordinates of the device as well as information that can identify the instrument, including its International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) number and SIM card (IMSI). The Geinimi Trojan acts, in part, as a sophisticated command and control mechanism. Once a device is infected, it enables hackers to take control of the devices, even from long distances. Data stored on the device can be sent to a central server, including any cached contact information. As per the hacker’s directive, infected Android-based devices may send unauthorized text messages via a Short Message Service (SMS). They may also send unauthorized emails, spam and also spread the virus. Therefore, users should be mindful of any unusual activity on their Android-based devices. An example of this would be an automatically placed phone call to an unknown number.

Anti-Virus Pro

If unusual activity is observed there are steps that can be taken. In fact, there a number of anti-virus apps/software for your Android based smartphones and tablets. One such app is the Anti-Virus Pro by AVG Mobilation. AVG and DroidSecurity have partnered together to protect you from threats in the mobile environment.

Anti-Virus Pro is described as “the world’s most comprehensive security software available for Android-based devices”.

Selling for $9.92 CAD, Anti-Virus Pro removes harmful SMS & apps automatically. By scanning media files in real time, Anti-Virus Pro ensures that emails, contacts, bookmarks and text messages are all safe. It protects by thoroughly scanning your data for vulnerabilities, including settings, apps, and files. It also eliminates tasks that slow down your Android-based device. Anti-Virus Pro can be set to run daily, weekly, or on demand.

If you should lose your Android-based device, you can use Anti-Virus Pro to locate the item on a map. Furthermore, you can remotely post and lock a message on your device which could help someone return it, should they come across your tablet/smartphone. If your device is stolen, you can lock or wipe it remotely via SMS or the Anti-Virus Pro Mobile Control Panel.

Last but not least, Anti-Virus pro is supported in a wide variety of languages. If you speak any of the following you’ll get the support you need:

Arabic, Brazilian, Chinese, Czech, Dutch, English, French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish.

Use Anti-Virus Pro to back up and restore all your valuable apps and data. With AVG Anti-Virus Pro you’ll receive effective, advert-free virus protection, as well as VIP tech support. Buy it here.

Click here to purchase & download Anti-Virus Pro on your Android tablet.

Anti-Virus Pro Trial

Not sure if this app is for you? You can always try the 30-day free trial version of the app.

Click here to download Anti-Virus Pro Trial by AVG Mobilation.

Anti-Virus Free

Of course, for the maximum protection, we recommend the Anti-Virus Pro app. However, we understand if money is a concern. You can get a free, scaled down version of the AVG Mobilation app. Hey, you’ve got nothing to loose except for your privacy.

Click here to download Anti-Virus Free by AVG Mobilation.

App Locker Plug-in for AVG

While you’ll not receive the same amount of protection and support as the pro version of the app, some protection is better than none. That being said, the free version of the app is still receiving very positive reviews. Once more, you can bump up the free app with the App Locker Plug-in for AVG for $2.97 CAD.

Click here to purchase & download App Locker Plug-in for AVG.

Dr.Web Anti-Virus

Another highly useful Android tablet security and anti-virus app is Dr.Web Anti-Virus. The developers behind this app have been creating trusted software since 1992 so you know their products are reliable. This app runs constantly in the background and won’t effect your OS or performance.

Click here to purchase & download Dr.Web Anti-Virus on your Android tablet.

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