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Our featured Android App of the Week is a cool new 3D puzzle adventure game by Blue Brain Games called The House of Da Vinci.

If you are the type of person who enjoys games where you have to discover hidden objects and solve mechanical puzzles then The House of Da Vinci will be right up your alley. The developers nearly doubled their fundraising goal from nearly 2,400 supporting fans on the popular Kickstarter crowdfunding site to bring this game to life. Check the YouTube video below to see the amazing graphics and get more of an idea regarding what this game is about.

Da Vinci is oen of the greatest inventors our world has ever sen. The game is set in a time where he lived and worked. You play the role of one of Da Vinci‘s most promising students where you get to discover why he may have disappeared by exploring his home and world.

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This game is a real brain twister that is sure to challenge your puzzle solving skills. Once you start to play it on your Android device you’ll also have a new appreciation for the incredibly brilliant mind of Leonardo Da Vinci, the 16th century, as well as Florence, Italy.

The House of Da Vinci is a game that will take you on a unique quest and challenging journey while on your search for answers. In a way; you’re almost like a detective as well as you seek to find out what has happened to Da Vinci. Much of the game was inspired by Da Vinci’s real inventions and has its own unique story line that was thought of by the talented graphic artists and developers at Blue Brain Games.

This mobile game is compatible with Android phones as well as tablets. Although the puzzles are complex, the game itself is easy to play with intuitive single-touch controls. Click the button below to purchase and install this newly released Android game today!

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