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Introducing the very first entry of our new Android app of the week series! From this point on you can expect a new featured Android app every Thursday of each new week. Today our featured app of choice is SeekDroid, a popular phone and tablet tracking security app.

This is an essential and must have Android app whether or not you’ve ever lost or had your portable device stolen before. If you have had your Android tablet stolen then you know all too well how critical having a security app like this can be. Every bit of added security helps.

SeekDroid security app for Android

SeekDroid Android App Key Features

If you find yourself in a position where you have misplaced your Android device (smartphone or tablet) for whatever reason it can be discouraging. Most of us keep very private and important data on our computers. There are preventative measures that can be taken though and it’s simply not worth risking the possibility that others could gain access to your private information. This is exactly why you need to install SeekDroid.

Locate Your Android Device

You can easily locate your device even if the SIM card has been removed! How clever is that? Remotely enable GPS and view the location of your device on a map.

View Call Logs

Remotely see a detailed call history of all incoming and outgoing calls that have been made from your device since it was lost or stolen.

Lock Your Android Device Remotely

No matter where you are located, from anywhere in the world you can remotely lock your device so that thieves cannot gain access to any of your applications or private data. Being able to prevent unauthorized access is partly what this app has been developed for.

Wipe Data Remotely

That’s right, in case of emergency you can entirely wipe out all data on your Android smartphone or tablet, oh and you can do the same for any attached SD cards too!

Hidden Device Tracker

You can hide this app from thieves so they won’t even know they are being tracked and also disable the app from being uninstalled in case thieves try to get smart.

Alarm with Custom Message

You can remotely set an alarm as well as display a custom message on your device. This works similar to how MobileMe (which is now iCloud of course) works on the iPhone and iPad, only an Android version of the feature.

SeekDroid Demo Video

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