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Our Android App of the Week is Roller Coaster Racing 3D 2 player which is a fun multiplayer game where you can go head to head with your friends.

We all are used to the racing games with the best sports cars but this is the first time I’ve seen a racing game that includes roller coasters. I feel this is a refreshing take on the racing genre.

In this multiplayer game you’re able to control the speed of the roller coasters for the twists and turns on the track. Be cautious though, for you don’t want to let your opponent win. With passengers on the roller coaster you are driving you must keep them satisfied as well as make sure the race doesn’t end in disaster. The simulation of this app makes you feel as though you are on a real roller coaster racing down a track that you must maneuver through.

The 3D graphics and great sound effects makes for addictive game play. With unlimited play and several thrilling roller coasters to choose from you and your opponent will have endless fun. Get the most adventurous coasters in your favorite theme parks.

This game takes on a whole new experience within the racing genre with the fact that you also have passengers you must keep safe.

Roller Coaster Racing 3D 2 player is brought to us by BigCode Games. They seem to take a new and interesting take on games. I myself would never have thought to add a bigger sense of thrill by adding the lives of others in your hands as you’re trying to win against an opponent. Personally I feel this game will probably give you a small adrenaline rush more than some other racing games due to the added risk.

This Android game is free to download from Google Play. It contains ads and optional in-app purchases. With this app you get to ride a roller coaster anytime of the year! With the feeling of being in control you can make this race all your own. Share the experience with another player and test your roller coaster racing skills.

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