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It’s that time again and just like clockwork we present to you our Android app of the week. This week our featured app is Pocket Informant, a very useful and newly updated productivity app from the talented developers over at Web Information Solutions Inc.

You might be thinking oh my, not another scheduling app. Before you shrug this off as just another event and task management app for your Android tablet, please note this particular app does in fact have a lot of great features that stand out above the rest.

Pocket Informant app for Android

Pocket Informant App Key Features

Enjoy the benefits of managing both important events as well as individual tasks in one great mobile application. This app has been popular and getting great reviews for some time now. Version 1.5 is now past BETA and updates include an improved user interface, the addition of Today View and you can now sync this app with Google Tasks. Oh, and there is now a sub-tasks feature too.

Another major improvement with the most recent update is the fact that Pocket Informant has been highly optimized specifically for devices running the Android Honeycomb operating system. In a recent press release WebIS founder & CEO Alex Kac stated the following:

We are especially excited about having an app that looks as great on an Android tablet as an iPad

Of course that’s not all, there’s much more! Below you will find a list of some of the other highly useful features that come bundled with this great app.

Configurations Galore

This app consists of more than 100 configurable interface options. Customization is critical for an app like this. You’ll find there’s no shortage of built-in options for configuring things like task and event dialogs, optional auto deletion of completed tasks, custom colors for each individual task and/or event and much more.

Stay organized with the full featured calendar which can be viewed by day, week, month, column week, agenda or by individual task(s). You can even integrate this app with the default Android calendar if you’d like.

Pocket Informant is the ultimate PIM (personal information manager) solution to help you keep track of and tackle tasks efficiently! See the demo video below to see the app in action.

Pocket Informant Demo Video

Download on Google Play

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