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Enter the supernatural world in our latest featured Android App of the Week OXENFREE which is a cool mind bending game developed by Night School Studio.

OXENFREE is a clever new Android game that is filled with mysterious paranormal scenes and unexpected twists. You play the role of a rebellious teenage girl named Alex. There are multiple different endings and it’s up to you how the story unravels! With an intelligent conversation system, how the story goes is determined by each decision you make throughout the game.

Check out the official OXENFREE Android game trailer below.

The popular and critically acclaimed OXENFREE mystery and adventure game has been available for a while now on the Xbox One and PS4, but has finally arrived for Android devices!

The game features incredible artwork and graphics along with a spooky VHS synth-pop style soundtrack to add to the overall haunting experience.

Basically, you (Alex) bring your stepbrother Jonas to an overnight island party only for things to end up going horribly wrong when you accidentally stumble upon and walk through a ghostly gate. By doing so you reveal the old military island’s dark past spanning several decades, and unleash ominous creatures. Now the course of your future and your friend’s lives are in your hands! Use your unique radio to communicate with the paranormal in order to solve mysteries and hopefully get through everything unscathed!

Are you up for such an adventure or are you easily frightened?

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This is a paid Android game but it’s a worthy purchase if you enjoy thrilling and spooky mysteries. If you’re not too scared to do so, click the button below to go to the Google Play Store to purchase and download OXENFREE on your Android device!

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