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You’ve all heard of flip the bottle games, well now we have a flip the knife style game for Android. Flippy Knife comes to us from the developers at Beresnev Games and is our latest featured Android App of the Week.

Flippy knife takes you to forests and other places where you can test your knife flipping skills. You earn points for every flip you successfully land. The more points you earn the more coins you get to buy new knives. You can have a relaxed game of just flipping the knife or you can try to hit targets or challenge your skills in the arcade mode.

With the targets in the forest you must try to fill the combo bar enough to get the golden chest hanging from the trees. The target moves up and down the tree making it so you have to figure out just the right angle and distance you need to throw. Although challenging it is quite easy to understand the concept of the target feature. The gold chest is filled with coins you can collect and reappears every time you obtain it.

You also have the option to play the arcade version of the game. You must use your flipping skills to navigate through a series of throws collecting coins on your way. Unlike the target game this one is more difficult. Not only do you have to figure out angle and distance but also make sure you don’t over throw as well.

The climb feature mixes with the target feature in a way. You must climb between trees collecting coins as you go. To make it to the top you must also attack drones on your way. The drones carry gold chests that have coins to add to your already growing wallet. If you do not land a throw you must start from the bottom of the trees and work your way up again.

With Flippy Knife you can earn badges which also give you coins. There are over 35 famous blades to choose from and buy. You may also compete to see how quickly you can climb the leader board among other players of the game. You can take pictures of your amazing knife flipping skills and share them with your friends. You have different locations for your flipping pleasure like campsites, meadows, forest, and more.

Flippy Knife is easy to control for you only need one finger to play. With such easy game play you can use this to kill time no matter where you are. The game sort of has an old 8 bit Nintendo feel to it which is cool. The graphics are very well done and not overly complicated. Personally I love the simplicity. The game is rated E so it’s designed for everyone who wishes to play.

My personal opinion is this is an Android game perfect for killing time. I find the most challenging part of this game is the arcade mode. I am not all that great with aim in real life so naturally I’m not so good in games as well, but that’s partly what makes it fun. I find that practicing the flipping combo and using the target mode does help to make things a little easier to learn the game. Flippy Knife does come with in-app purchases but is free to play. If you are looking for a laid back yet slightly challenging game then this is a great choice.

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