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Block unwanted web trackers, load websites quicker, and increase privacy on your mobile device with Mozilla’s new Firefox Focus browser for Android.

The Firefox Focus private browser app has been available for iOS devices since November 2016, but low and behold the Android version has finally arrived.

With online privacy on mobile devices continuously becoming harder to obtain these days, every lit bit of extra protection helps. That’s why we decided to select the Firefox Focus browser as our latest Android App of the Week as soon as we heard about Mozilla launching their new app a couple of days ago.

Check out the trailer below for the Android version of Firefox Focus.

The Android version of the app is quite similar to the iOS version with the addition of a couple of different features. For instance, unlike the iOS version, you now have the option to make Firefox Focus your default web browser. Just be aware that, at least at this point, Firefox Focus does not support tabbed browsing. You can also easily erase your browser history once receiving a notification if you have the Firefox Focus app running in the background. As an extra privacy measure you can also erase cookies and passwords to make it more difficult for annoying web trackers to follow you.

One of the many cool features of this app is it has a counter that tells you how many ad trackers have been blocked. Being that the app blocks a wide range of common web trackers that spy on your behavior in order to serve you obtrusive and annoying ads, as a result in some cases it also helps you browse the web quicker on your mobile device as well as use less data. You do of course have the ability to turn off the ad tracker blocker at anytime if you’re finding it problematic for some reason to view a particular website.

Click the button below to download Firefox Focus from Google Play. Hey it’s free and helps make your mobile device more secure so why not check it out?

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