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We’re featuring another unreleased but promising game for our Android App of the Week called Exceptions – Spot the Differences. It’s a relaxing puzzle game that will keep your brain working while having fun. This mobile game is perfect for keeping your mind sharp and focused.

Exceptions – Spot the Differences is a fun puzzle game where, as it says in the title, you have to locate the difference between two pictures. This spot the difference app has beautiful pictures that are family friendly so everyone can enjoy it. Along with the pictures you get immersive and relaxing music that plays in the background.

The creators will be adding new levels every week so you can have endless fun. All levels are unlocked for your playing pleasure. Adapted for smartphones and tablets this game is designed to cover the whole screen of your device. You have horizontal and vertical support with a comfortable zoom system to make game play easier.

With a curated photo feed the game is completely free to play. There are always new features being added to this game. The developers are continuously adding features to the app to enhance the experience. You can collect stars to level up and gain a higher ranking as you complete each task. Coming soon is a competitive two-player mode, time mode and several difficulty modes.

If you enjoy hidden object games then you will enjoy this mobile game. Games of this type are always fun and challenging at times which helps to improve your mental agility. Games like this can also be used to help those improve their memory and observation skills.

I feel games like these also help to improve one’s attention to fine details. Personally I enjoy games like these due to my observing nature. Exceptions – Spot the Differences is still under development and new features are added on a regular basis. That being said, like any app, there of course is always room for improvement. The best way to help the improvement of games like these are to contact the creators with any feedback you may have on the game.

Click the button below to install this app on your Android device and enjoy!

Download Exceptions Spot the Difference on Google Play

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