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First airing in America on August 14th, 1999 Digimon was a staple for the kids of that time. Much like Pokemon the Digimon series took you to a whole other world with fantastic creatures.

Unlike Pokemon, the Digi-masters of the show got one Digimon to be paired with and build a relationship with. The Digimon were able to communicate with their master’s using everyday english to help them along their journey in the digital world. Now that I’ve filled you in a bit about Digimon we can talk about our featured Android app of the week.

This weeks Android app of the week is Digital Master. This is a game where you can build a relationship with your very own Digimon. Go into the Digital world and take in the beautifully painted images that appear on your screen. When you first get into the Digi-world you get rewards for 7 days and a hero for free. Paired with the beautiful visuals the creators have a fantastic story line for you to follow with popular original songs to help with the experience.

Pairing up with your hero and restoring relationships helps to build up power. The iconic characters you have met in your childhood are collected as you encounter them. The characters can grow in stages to meet your needs of image quality. You can develop your hero in many different ways. A few of the several ways you can help your hero to grow is by adding equipment, spirit, divine, weapons, talent and constellation.

Take part in exciting challenges such as Arena events, instance, trial, and tamers. You can also be a part of guild battles and challenger tournaments are released in turns. Let’s no forget about the PVP and PVE instances that will give you rewards to help enrich your heroes by equipping them. Are you ready to build the strongest team and take on the digital world?

For those who have been waiting now is your chance to be a Digi-Master. Only instead of getting a communicator you use your phone to enter into the Digi-World.

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