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Well it is 2019 and we are back with our Android App of the Week. This week we have an app that is playable but not yet officially released. The game we are going to talk about today is still in its testing and development stage and is being developed by Lumi Studios.

The app is called Critter Clash. It’s an Android game that takes place in the jungle where you take on other animal teams in battle. You build your team up of different types of animals that best suit your gaming style. The object of the game is to take out your opponents and be the last lion standing in this crazy jungle.

This mulitplayer strategy allows you to play online, competing with others from around the world. Use specialty items against your opponents. Using chaotic, adorable and brilliant critters you could rule this mighty jungle. Watch your back though for you could lose your title at anytime.

As with many online games where you can go head to head with others there is a leader board that you can follow your rank. Challenge your friends for head to head battles and make sure you watch out for all the prizes and special items along the way.

Need a new strategy for that one battle you can’t seem to win? Why not watch a match or two on Monkey TV. This feature of the game lets you see matches played by some of the top players. Make sure you upgrade your critters so that you can unlock more. Each critter has different abilities and attacks so be sure to collect as many as you can.

With daily to weekly quests to complete and exciting in game events to participate in you have plenty of chances at getting your rank up. Along with ranking up you want to make sure you watch for those bananas which help you to unlock chests, animals and rewards. All of these things that will make the game play exciting for all you critter leaders out there.

The game does have in app purchases but is free to download. As mentioned this game is still being developed so make sure you give plenty of feedback to the creators to help make this game the best it can be. If you ask me this game looks promising could end up being one of those games you can’t help but play each day. Take a small word of caution that this game may be addictive.

Download Critter Clash on Google Play

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