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For the month of October, the spookiest month of the year, I’ll be selecting Halloween or scary type apps for all of our featured weekly apps. This goes for both iOS and Android apps. This week’s Android App of the Week is a newly released app called Creepypasta which is the official app of the popular and scary website.

What exactly is a creepypasta you ask? Well a creepypasta is the more modern way to start urban legends. An urban legend is a story told so many times it has different variations and many people believe them to be true. We tell them as ghost stories to scare our friends. Time goes on and these urban legends start to disappear or stop scaring us because we have gotten so used to them.

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For example, a new TV series started last year based on this sort of thing called Channel Zero. For those of you who haven’t heard of Channel Zero, it’s a TV series where each season is based on a different creepypasta. With the Creepypasta app you can now keep up to date with all such creepy and scary stories that people come up with.

Creepypasta’s are the new way to get scary stories out there and most of the time the best ones have unknown writers and seem to pop up out of nowhere. This app will help you to stay current on such new stories being added and keep you in the loop on your favorite ones. Browse through many stories and find ones that captivate you or ones you think may scare your friends. Many creepy stories are frequently being written and added.

Comment on your favorite stories and tell the author and other fans just what you thought about the story. Don’t forget to share the stories you read with friends and family! Be careful as you read and navigate through the world of creepypasta’s for there are some things you can’t unread. Some popular creepypasta’s seem to take on a life of their own and may seem very real to some readers so read with caution and remember they are just stories.

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